Protecting The Carolinas With CPI Home Security And Automation


Home Security and Automation with CPI Security

CPI Security has been in business for more than 20 years, working to keep the Southeast safe. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, CPI offers advanced security technology to homes and businesses in select locations throughout the Southeast, and boasts the most advanced monitoring station in the country. CPI is a local business with self-imposed standards for technology and service. Additionally, CPI gives back to the community, including donating funds for police officers, firemen and children's cancer research.

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Service Areas

CPI Security is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. In addition, there are field offices in Raleigh, NC, Greensboro/Winston-Salem, NC, Greenville, SC and Atlanta, GA. They provide home security in these immediate metropolitan areas with the guideline of "Protecting the Carolinas." In addition, Charlotte and Greensboro provide business security systems, and Charlotte and Raleigh provide security for new construction.


CPI Security can save you money by lowering your homeowner's insurance up to 20%. With home automation, you can alsolower utility bills and make your home run more efficiently. You can build packages to meet your specific home needs; CPI is customizable as well.

CPI Security is one of few companies that designs, installs, runs and monitors its own systems itself with no contractors or middlemen. They work with local police and fire departments to guarantee the fastest alarm response in the home security business, and they guarantee against false alarms. Plus, you are guaranteed 24/7 monitoring and customer care from CPI Security.


Some of CPI Security's features include:

  • Complete home automation with smart thermostats and appliance controls for total energy management
  • Real time response with two way communication to CPI monitoring centers that can coordinate response teams, even for pet emergencies
  • Perimeter and interior intrusion protection using sophisticated monitors
  • Environmental hazard sensors to stop leaks or extreme heat from hurting your home
  • Intercom systems that allow communication throughout the household
  • Central vacuums that remove 99% of allergens and dirt throughout your home
  • Audio and video that can be checked in on remotely with a smartphone or web app
  • Equipment

Your home will be secured or automated with the newest technology, including:

  • Fire, smoke and carbon monoxide sensors
  • Sophisticated window and door sensors, as well as interior and exterior motion detectors
  • Remote controls through smartphones, web apps, or key fobs that help you manage your home from afar
  • Video cameras for ultimate surveillance at home or through remote controls
  • Central vacuum systems that coordinate with home automation

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CPI Security has different tiers of service. Their packages are geared for both individuals and families looking to protect their home, and most come with a three-to-five year contract. These packages include:

Basic Package: Digital One-Way, includes one custom LCD keypad, two door sensors, one motion detector, one internal one way system, one backup battery and a wireless keychain remote. $99 installation applies.

inTouch Package with Real Time Response: choice of touch screen or LCD keypad, three door sensors, one motion detector, one real time response speaker with microphone, one backup battery, one wireless keychain remote, and cellular backup. $99 installation applies.

inTouch Home Automation Package with Real Time Response: choice of touch screen or LCD keypad, one real time response speaker with microphone, three door sensors, one motion detector, one wireless keychain remote, one backup battery, fire communicator, home automation system and weather forecast and alerts. Installation is free for this package.

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Updated on: November 10, 2015

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