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Sentri: A Smart Home For A Reasonable Price

If you’ve been searching for a low priced home security and monitoring solution, start getting excited. Sentri, the newest product in a long line of low priced home automation systems, launched on kickstarter this week and is already over 70 percent funded. Though the system is not due to ship out until May 2015, it’s well worth the wait. With a sleek iPad-esque design and easy-to-use smart phone application, it’s gaining quick momentum in the home automation community. Of course, Sentri home automation is more than just a pretty face. You can peek in on your home anytime, anywhere with the Sentri smart phone application and even change the temperature, lighting, and open doors and windows with Sentri’s add-ons.

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Check out Sentri in action:


Unlike its home monitoring competitors (Piper and Canary), Sentri is also a home automation system. It has an HD camera with night vision capabilities, a motion detector, and a two-way microphone, but it also includes a:
  • Temperature gadge
  • Air quality detector
  • Light sensor
  • Humidity detector
  • Accelerometer
  • Speaker
Sentri can also connect with other smart home devices, as long as it uses the application programming interfaces (APIs) Sentri connects to. Currently, Sentri can connect to:
  • Nest
  • Wemo
  • Lockitron
  • Hue
Sentri is also customizable, so the display can easily blend in with your home décor. Along with the many background styles that are preloaded onto this device, Sentri integrates with Instagram to make your display uniquely your own. The company even urges you on their kickstarter page to “Take control of how your Sentri looks, feels, and behaves by customizing when and where you want to see certain information and alerts.”


Packages for Sentri include:
  • $249: Receive the classic Sentri in pearl white
  • $269: Customize the color of your Sentri
  • $299: Get your Sentri engraved
  • $480: Get 2 Sentris in any color
  • $499: Engrave a wood grain finish Sentri
  • $690: Get three Sentris for your home
  • $880: Get four Sentris in any color
You can preorder your Sentri through their kickstarter page. If you’re looking to make your home a smart home, but don’t want the price tag that can comes with 24/7 professional monitoring, Sentri is a great option.

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The Future Of Home Automation

Anyone who has watched The Jetsons knows home automation is not a new concept. The execution of these ideas, though, is new. Home automation products are coming out almost daily, so this fast growing market is also competitive. Sentri has an edge, though: its price. It enables you to synchronize your home to fit your needs, but at a price that even an unemployed college grad could afford. Sentri also doesn't charge a monthly fee for access and costs only $249. Home monitoring systems like Piper and Canary have similar prices, but don't provide as many services. Sentri's innovation comes in its affordability, not in its technology. In the near future, we shouldn't be surprised to see home automation and monitoring systems that cost about as much as an iPhone (or less). In these tough economic times, this is good news for anyone who wants to secure their home.
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Updated on: November 10, 2015

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