Silent Guard Home Security: Keeping Kentucky Safe


Silent Guard Guards Your Home

Silent Guard home security is a privately owned GE distributor, so the latest in wireless and hardwired security tools can be purchased through them. At Silent Guard, you get to customize the design of your security system, as well as how you monitor your home. Silent Guard promises customer satisfaction and the protection of your precious belongings. SEE ALSO: Kentucky Crime Rates

Service Area

Kentucky residents can purchase home security services from Silent Guard. Customers outside of this service area are encouraged to contact Silent Guard to suggest new areas.


When choosing Silent Guard, customers get the following exclusive resources:
  • Paperless Billing
  • Online Bill Pay
  • Free Estimates
  • 24/7 Technical Support


Your home security setup will be created through GE Security. GE Security collects the best from names such as Simon Security and Optex. The hybrid system can do a variety of tasks from detecting when a window is opened, to alerting the local fire department when too much smoke builds up. Silent Guard also offers system sensors that measure if the household has been too idle for too long. That way, you can know if someone with a medical condition has been inactive for a suspicious amount of time. Here's a list of the equipment Silent Guard uses:
  • Keychain Control
  • Simon XT LCD Touch Control Panel
  • Light Controls
  • Disguised Cameras
  • TruVision Dome Camera
  • Life Control Medical Alert Button
  • Aiphone or Legrand Intercom
  • Optex Sensors
  • Yard Sign


Customers can monitor their homes themselves, or find comfort in a third party monitor. Silent Guard uses to wirelessly watch your home 24/7. And since the system is wireless, you can download an Android or iOS app for your phone, and check up on your home whenever, wherever. Silent Guard promises that all wireless data is encrypted, and for your eyes only. With the app, you can:
  • Arm/Disarm the system
  • Control lights and thermostats when you're away
  • Access live video feeds
  • Remote control locks
Silent Guard offers a unique new security device called The Whip. Silent Guard has noticed the rise in theft of air conditioner copper, so the company has designed a theft detection device that measures the pressure inside of copper lines. Sometimes thieves will cut air conditioning lines to harvest the copper. When that happens, the pressure inside the line goes down. When pressures drop suspiciously, The Whip alerts you. SEE ALSO: How Safe Are Smart Locks? Your Security Questions Answered


Silent Guard works to build a home security system suited to your needs. You can design a system with sensors and alarms that are monitored 24/7. Silent Guard offers free consultations and quotes. Plan prices vary depending on which services you choose to highlight in your home.
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Updated on: November 10, 2015

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