How Simplicam Could Be “The New Dropcam”


Simplicam: The Newest Competitor In The IoT Home Surveillance Market

The release of Dropcam earlier this year paved the way for dozens of different IoT home monitoring devices. We’ve seen lots of unique features and contributions in the time since then, and the newest competitor in the scene is Simplicam: a small, sleek, streamlined device seeking to compete with the likes of Canary and Dropcam. Simplicam is a smart security camera that allows you to view live footage of your home from your chosen device. Like most other new home security cams, Simplicam sends you alerts when it detects motion or sound, and offers a couple other unique features for a fuller home surveillance experience. SEE ALSO: Top 4 Home Security Weaknesses

Simplicam’s Powerful Hardware

Simplicam has been called a “Dropcam killer” by some reviewers, with many praising the device’s overall attention to detail. The camera itself looks sleek and well-designed, with an aluminum base and a high-quality build that puts it above other competitors in the market in its construction and appearance. The setup is as high tech as any, which is one of the perks of new IoT devices.  You can connect the system to your tablet or phone simply by scanning a QR code. Simplicam can also be connected to your computer or laptop, so you can monitor your home from any and all of your devices if so desired.

The Hardware Low-Down

The camera hardware has been praised by techies for its comprehensive features and high performance. Here’s the main specs for the hardware:
  • 720p HD Video Recording and Streaming
  • Night Vision
  • SSL Encrypted Video for additional security
  • 107 Degree frame of view
  • 30 frame per second video recording
The device also has a two-way talk intercom, an extra feature in case you want to use Simplicam to check up on and talk to kids or pets from your smartphone.

The Software Features: Facial Detection For Streamlined Alerts

What sets Simplicam apart from other devices on the market, however, isn’t just the impressive hardware and construction. Simplicam’s software stands out for its features - it’s one of the few IoT security cams to offer facial detection. This ensures that you don’t get alerts for all types of motion, as Simplicam can tell intruders apart from pets or other types of movement. The accompanying app allows you to easily customize exactly what kinds of notifications you receive, be it sound, facial detection, or motion. The device can also be set up to send you an overview of alerts for a specified time interval, in case you don’t need live notifications.

Closeli: Simplicam’s Cloud Storage Feature

Like Dropcam, Simplicam partners up with a cloud storage service so you can keep and access footage recorded by the device. Simplicam’s host for this software is Closeli, which has a couple of unique features for its cloud storage. The app offers the ability to remotely turn on and off the recording feature, and allows you to set scheduled periods for when you want Simplicam recording. The system can also auto-record events only when it detects people, motion, or sound, cutting out extra unnecessary footage if you don’t need it. The app for Closeli features a homepage that makes it easy to monitor and manage several cameras at once, for those that choose to use more than one Simplicam. In order to streamline the viewing of footage, the app also displays a handy hour-by-hour overview, with detected sound and motion marked in color so it’s easy to look over and save just the important footage.

Pricing And Subscription

Closeli, like the cloud storage features of several other IoT cams, is a subscription service, with a couple different options for different levels of storage. The cheapest option is a $5.99 a month subscription that stores just the last 24 hours of recorded footage, and the most expensive is a $22.99 a month subscription that stores a whole 21 days of footage on the cloud, for extra peace of mind. There’s a third option in between the two which Closeli says is their most popular, at $13.99 a month. Simplicam starts at $149.99 per unit - notably, this makes it the same price as its predecessor Dropcam, and cheaper than alternatives like Canary. For $199.99 you can get Simplicam bundled with a year’s worth of a Closeli subscription, if you feel you need the extra features the subscription service offers. While you can decide for yourself whether or not this will be the “next Dropcam” some have hailed it to be, there’s little doubt that Simplicam posits itself as a strong new competitor in the home surveillance IoT market. SEE ALSO: 4 Home Security Devices You Should Be Paying Attention To   ­
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Updated on: November 10, 2015

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