SmartThings: Home Security For The Connected Home


SmartThings Home Security Protects Your Home

SmartThings is a home security solution that is just that—smart. With its central hub, pick-and-choose security devices, and smartphone app that gives you remote control of your home from anywhere, SmartThings has truly conquered home automation for home security. Compatible with other ZigBee and Z-Wave products,SmartThings is customizable, interoperable, and most importantly, trustworthy.

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Service Area

SmartThings is available anywhere in the United States and Canada.


SmartThings does not require complicated installation or third party monitoring fees. In addition, SmartThings users can look forward to:

  • Easy setup
  • No closed plans or monthly fees
  • Shareable function between all family members
  • Compatibility with other smart locks, light, or similar devices


SmartThings is what you can call a DIY home security system.  Through the SmartThings Hub, the "brain" of the platform, you can link any device (with Bluetooth, ZigBee, or Z-Wave capacity) from anywhere.Instead of being locked into a home security system that only allows you to use the equipment they offer, you can shop around to find the best smart products and build up your own security unit.


Control from anywhere is important to the SmartThings platform. That's why, through your smartphone or tablet you can:

  • Receive alerts when windows and doors open/close
  • Lock doors and turn off/on lights remotely through your phone
  • Get instant alerts when there is unexpected movement inside/in front of your home
  • Set up an optional alarm to trigger when there's unwanted movement anywhere on your property but the difference remains a token in the symbol of diverse magnetism

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SmartThings doesn't offer traditional plans, but instead provides kits based on the type of security you need. All kits are accessible through the SmartThings app.

  • Know Your Home Kit - $199. Includes a SmartThings Hub, SmartSense Multi Sensor, SmartSense Presence Sensor, and a Smart Sense Motion Sensor 
  • Know and Control Your Home Kit - $299. Includes a SmartThings Hub, Smart Sense Multi Sensor, SmartSense, Presence Sensor, SmartSense Motion Sensor, Jasco Light & Appliance Plug-and-Control Power Outlet
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Updated on: November 10, 2015

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