Top 4 Best Self Defense Weapons That Fit In Your Pocket


Saving your own life could be as easy as just carrying one of the best self defense weapons. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, in the past 20 years, there have been over 119 million victims of violent crimes such as homicide, assault, rape, and robbery. These essential non-lethal weapons can be used to take down a mugger, and give you a chance to run to safety.

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#4 Non-Lethal Ammo

Not all guns shoot metal bullets. The police often use devices that fire beanbags or rubber bullets to try and calm down a riot. These non-lethal projectiles are designed to disarm or harm an attacker, not kill them. However, there have been cases where non-lethal ammo has broken bones and damaged internal organs. Non-lethal ammo is best used for long-range self defense, so it requires a keen eye and a steady hand. Consider the other self defense tools if you're not familiar with shooting a gun.

Weapons that shoot non-lethal bullets are considered firearms, not guns.

Watch this police officer volunteer to receive non-lethal shot followed by a taze:

#3 Pepper Spray

Pepper spray comes in a compact size that fits right on your keychain. Use pepper spray to blast a painful mist of capsaicin into the face of your attacker. Capsaicin is the active component in hot peppers that gives it that spicy, burning feel. And when concentrated into a spray, capsaicin causes extreme pain and discomfort to the skin, and especially eyes. Pepper spray is one of the best self defense weapons because you don't have to be too close to the attacker for it to hurt them. Once it's in the air, it makes breathing impossible. Pepper spray is best used to keep your assailant from coming any closer.

You are legally allowed to carry pepper spray in all 50 states. But some cities put restrictions on size and strength.

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#2 Stun Gun

Send an electric shock through a mugger's body with a stun gun. A stun gun is a handheld device that uses a high-voltage shock to disrupt the body's nervous system. When you press the stun gun against the attacker's body, and hold the trigger, you send a strong electric shock into the body. That shock then travels from neuron to neuron along with natural neurotransmissions. This causes over stimulation of the nervous system which results in the system temporarily shutting down. The attacker is left partially paralyzed as his or her body recovers from the shock.

Stun guns can be legally carried without a permit in most states. States that restrict use include Indiana, Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Ney York, Rhode Island, and Wisconsin.

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Watch this police officer stun gun demonstration. Guy Gets Tazed at :45

#1 Kubotan or Pocket Stick

This best self defense weapon can also fit on your keychain. Kubotans are generally six inches long, half an inch wide, and made of metal. Kubotans are also referred to pocket sticks because that is essentially what they are a stick that fits in your pocket. In close-combat situations, the kubotan is used to strike or stab your opponent. It's slim and sturdy design concentrates all the force on its small endpoints. Jabs to the body can be very painful with the help of a kubotan.

You can legally carry a kubotan in any state. However, you cannot carry a kubotan on an airplane.

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Check out this easy to follow Kubotan instructional video:

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How Important Is Getting The Best Self Defense Weapons?

These best self defense weapons are cheap to buy and easy to carry. And having one on you could be a game changer during an assault. Take a look for yourself at who's investing in self defense. The chart below shows which cities show the most interest in self defense techniques.

It looks like the people in Philadelphia, Seattle, and Chicago show the most interest in finding out the best self defense tips. If you live in a dangerous city, you might want to consider buying one of these non-lethal weapons.

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