Top 4 Stolen Items During Burglary


Most Commonly Stolen Items From Homes

Like it or not, the most commonly stolen items in home burglaries are so common because they are found in every home. Sincethe average home invasion takes about ten minutes from start to finish, these items are often in plain view—they may even be on display in your home. As a burglar’s number one priority is to grab as much as they can as fast as they can, it helps to know some of the big ticket items on every thief’s wishlist. Here's what gets stolen in burglaries:

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Getting Personal

Most of the top stolen items can be replaced, but the modern burglar often has his eye on something bigger: your identity. Credit cards, passwords, social security cards and more can all be potential targets for the enterprising burglar looking to resell your personal information and your identity to larger crime outfits. Securing your personal information—which includes not leaving passwords logged in on your laptop—might seem like unnecessary work, but escaping identity theft is worth the effort. After all, if you're home isn't secure, neither is your identity.

Serious Hardware

Some commonly stolen items are a little more unexpected. Guns, firearms, and other weapons are all very often reported missing after a break-in. Use of a gun safe is critical to keep your weapons from falling into the wrong hands, as well as for your own safety. The type of safe is exceptionally important; many safes can be broken into easily by toddlers. Household tools are another commonly stolen item. Tools can be stolen out of unlocked garages, so be sure proper precautions are in place for your shed as well as your home. Don't forget to keep an eye on your bicycle while you are locking up out there too.

Tiny Trinkets

Electronics and jewelry are next on this list of commonly stolen items. Again, no surprises here: electronics and jewelry have high resale value and can be pawned quickly. While you can keep your most valuable and precious jewels in a safe bolted to the floor, it may not be as easy to secure a television set. Size can be a theft deterrent, but laptops and smaller gadgets are often easily found and left with. For these items, make sure you have appropriate insurance and home protections in place. If you think your home insurance covers one of these items, double check—often you'll find they do not.

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Cold, Hard Cash

Some of the most common items stolen from homes are not surprising. Cash tops the list for most crooks, and most of them know just where to find it. Most of the places you can think of to hide your money (under the mattress, inside the freezer, toilet tanks) are wide open to theft—if you have thought of a hiding place, so has a burglar. It is best to keep your liquid assets in a safe bolted to the floor, if not in a bank. Money includes all those coins you have been saving in a jar, as well as purses and wallets left on nightstands, so be sure those are also well hidden.

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Updated on: November 10, 2015

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