TruVista Home Security: Protecting Your Home


Protecting Your Home With TruVista Home Security

Locking the front door isn’t enough to protect you against home invasion or natural disasters. However TruVista Home Security services protect your home, family, and valuables against a variety of threats. TruVista uses TruControl to monitor your home, and give you the power to take action in case something happens. No matter if it's burglars, vandals, or disasters, TruVista works 24/7 to keep your home safe.

Service Area

TruVista offers its security services to Chester, Fairfield, and Kershaw counties in South Carolina, and Franklin, Hart, Rabun, and Stephens counties in Georgia. SEE ALSO: TruVista Cable Communications


Benefits to TruVista's service include:
  • Monitoring: Use your mobile device or rely on a local TruVista monitoring station to watch your home 24/7.
  • Web Access: View up to six live feeds from inside or outside your home, and record whatever happens when you’re not there.
  • Lighting and Small Appliance Control: Check to make sure lights and small appliances are off while you are gone.
  • Wireless Control Panel With Battery Backup
  • Integrated Internal Siren
  • Message Center With Built-In Microphone


TruVista does not require much in regards to installation. Simply set up an appointment and a TruVista professional will equip you and your house with:
  • 1 Wireless Motion Detector
  • 1 Wireless Keychain Remote Control
  • 1 Yard Sign, 2 Window Decals


TruVista offers two types of security systems: wireless and wired. Wireless systems are designed for preexisting homes, and wired systems are ideal for building homes. And if you have a security system of cameras and alarms already set up, TruVista will reprogram your existing system for free. These are the systems and services that TruVista offers:
  • Wireless System
  • Wired System
  • 24-Hour Third Party Monitoring
  • 24-Hour Monitoring


Keep the people and things you love most safe using the TruControl system. TruControl automates your home and gives you complete power over what happens. Here is how TruControl protects your home:
  • TouchScreen: Serves as the control center that allows you to arm and disarm your system, sends instant alarms to monitoring stations, manage keypad codes, control cameras, and adjust lights and thermostats.
  • Key Fob Keychain Remote: Access your system to check the status of your home, arm and disarm the system, and send an audible alarm for police assistance.
  • Web Access: Using a secure web page, monitor your home and see live video or recorded clips and pictures.
  • Camera Access: View up to six live feeds from inside or outside your home, and set cameras to record at certain times.
  • Mobile Control: Give your mobile devices the power to access core security system functions.
  • 24-Hour Local Monitoring: A third party will monitor your home for you, and take action when something happens.
  • 24-Hour Monitoring: In the event of an intrusion, a loud siren will go off and the local police will be called.
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Why TruVista?

Feel safe knowing that TruVista keeps danger out of your home. With mobile access, 24/7 monitoring, advanced camera options, and remote control capabilities, you can leave your home knowing that it will be safe and sound.
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Updated on: November 10, 2015

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