Viper: Smart Home Security


Viper Security For A Modern Lifestyle

Viper provides home security for those looking for a smart, high-tech option. A reliable wireless home security system, Viper integrates remote access via smart devices and optimal video monitoring to create a complete security solution for you, your home, and, if you wish, even your car.

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Service Areas

Viper is available in the US and parts of Canada.


Viper home security is a completely mobile way of integrating your personal security network. Through its wireless features, such as mobile personal safety, home monitoring, and vehicle security, users can feel secure at home, away from their home, and when driving in their car.

Its smart home security features are not the only benefits, users can enjoy unheard of low prices for the home security industry. A starter kit requires no monthly payments, DIY installation, and a base cost of less than $300, with options to add smart accessories such as home video monitoring.


  • Magnetic Door and Window Sensors: Secures vital entry points to your house
  • Indoor Motion Sensor: Connects with your phone to receive real-time surveillance of movement inside your home
  • Wireless Camera And Motion Detectors: Place this detector wherever you want in your home and access footage on your phone
  • Indoor Siren:  Loud, battery-powered siren
  • Remote Control Key Fob: This control allows you to sound the alarm and activate or deactivate your Viper Home Monitoring Security System


Viper users can enjoy:

  • Total Smart Home Control: Enables ability to arm/disarm, receive event notifications, access optional video monitoring and more, all through your phone
  • Mobile Personal Safety: A mobile panic button implemented into your phone that allows you to be constantly connected to your personal security network
  • Easy Installation: Viper security system does not require professional installation, with easy-to-install programs that can be set up in 15 minutes
  • VIPERWATCH ™: Personalize how and when you receive notifications of home security events with the fully programmable user interface provided by Viper

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Viper offers an initial home starter kit that consists of:

  • A base cost of $229
  • DIY installation
  • No monthly fee

To add Viper Home Video Monitoring:

  • Hardware cost: $149.99
  • Monthly fee: $9.99
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Updated on: November 10, 2015

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