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Vivint Home Security Systems

On August 16, 2011, the home security systems dealer Vivint reached a remarkable milestone. After less than fifteen years in the industry, the company installed a setup for its one millionth customer. This accelerated growth rate speaks volumes about Vivint's business model, as the firm placed in the top three of SDM Magazine's largest 100 home security companies.

The company, formerly known as APX Alarm Security Systems, started in Utah with current CEO Todd Pedersen and was acquired by the Blackstone Group in November 2012.

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Service Areas

The Vivint coverage area includes large swaths of the continental U.S. and Canada, especially east of the Mississippi River. Customers in mostmajor metropolitan areas have grown accustomed to seeing the bright orange Vivint vans around their streets. Only a few states, including Maine, Vermont and Louisiana, do not have any coverage from Vivint's services.

The sales staff, dressed in orange polo shirts, go door-to-door seeking opportunities to tell prospects about how Vivint systems can protect their homes and businesses, which emphasizes the company's direct marketing and neighborhood-based approach.


Unlike some other home security companies, which rely on non-technical users to install and set up the system themselves, Vivint employs hundreds of full-time service technicians. The company also has its telephone and online technical support operations in-house, rather than outsourcing the labor to other firms. The Vivint monitoring staff works around the clock to relay user alerts for theft, burglary, fire, flood, and other incidents to local authorities with an average response time of only seven seconds, the fastest in the industry.


The Go! Touchscreen panel is the heart of the Vivint system. The console comes with two-way communication and remote control capabilities built in to the small box. Users can also add a secondary touchscreen panel for access in other parts of the house. Other equipment and accessories include:

  • Smoke alarm

  • Carbon monoxide (CO) alarm

  • Wireless keypad

  • Fixed video camera

  • Motion detector

  • Door/window sensor

  • Flood/freeze sensor

  • Glass break detector

  • Electronic door lock


The Vivint home security system offers other features alongside its top-notch home protection packages.

  • Automated text alerts when home conditions change (e.g. temperature, glass breakage, motion detected)

  • Monitors for electricity usage and conservation

  • Severe weather text alerts with data from the National Weather Service

  • Two-way communication with Vivint monitoring station when alarm is triggered.

  • Remote access via computer, tablet or smartphone (e.g. Android, Blackberry, iPhone)


Vivint offers three main packages:

  • Home Security Package:

    • Monthly Rate: $49.99

    • Installation Charge: $99

    • Go!Control touchscreen panel

    • Remote internet/smart phone access

    • Window sensors

    • Door sensors

    • Key fob

    • Glass break detector

    • Motion detector

    • Smoke alarm

    • Carbon monoxide alarm

  • Energy Management Package:

    • Monthly Rate: $57.99

    • Installation Charge: $149

    • Includes all the Home Security equipment, plus:

    • Smart thermostat

    • Energy-efficient bulbs

    • Lighting controls

    • Small appliance controls

  • Home Automation Package:

    • Monthly Rate: $68.99

    • Installation Charge: $199

    • Includes all the Energy Management equipment, plus

    • Video surveillance

    • Automatic door locks

    • Non-emergency alerts

    • Medical pendant

Vivint will often waive the installation and equipment costs for qualified customers.

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From a small home security company in Utah, to a million-selling giant of the home security marketplace, Vivint has extended its reach across North America. With the additional resources of Blackstone Group backing the company, people will soon see a lot more orange vans rolling through their neighborhoods.

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