Why You're At Risk Without Safe Gun Storage


Gun owners need to have a safe place to store their guns. Improper gun storage can cause a lot of trouble for the owner, even if the gun is unloaded and the ammunition is stored elsewhere. You also must make sure that the gun can’t fire, and that it’s protected from theft. You also want to protect your gun from physical damage.

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Trigger Locks

A trigger lock fits through the trigger, preventing the depression of the trigger. These can have many optional features including battery-operated locks, lighted keypads, and anti-tamper alarms. These locks do not prevent theft. Some cheaper versions may be easy to break. The gun should not be loaded when a trigger lock is deployed. Some guns will come with some sort of trigger lock included.

Cable Locks

This device blocks the chamber and stops the gun from being fired. Cable locks are inserted through the magazine well and chamber, or gun barrel and chamber. They are opened by a combination or key. These locks can be threaded through several guns, but because they are thin, they can be cut easily. Some guns will come with a cable lock included.

Personalized Lock

A personalized lock is ensures that only the owner can fire the gun. Options include a built-in key or combination lock on the gun, or could be a magnetic or electronic lock that unlocks when in range of a special ring or bracelet. These locks are usually costly.

Lock Box

A lockbox is a small safe with a push-button combination, digital key-pad, or key. Most models will allow the box to be mounted and some have lighted locks, and most have padded interiors. These boxes allow for quick access, but are also difficult to steal.

Plastic And Fabric Cases

These padded fabric sleeves and foam-lined plastic cases allow for safer gun transportation. Most of these can be locked; some have built-in locks. The padding inside can retain moisture and cause the gun to rust if left inside for too long. These cases can be broken into relatively easily. Only use these devices when necessary.

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Gun Vault Or Safe

A vault or safe is advantageous because it can hold any size gun. Lock your firearms down and access them via the push-button, combination, or digital keypad. These devices are difficult to break into, are usually fire resistant, and can be mounted, making them difficult to steal. However, their weight makes them hard to move, and they are costlier than other options.

Gun safety can save lives and keep the gun owner out of trouble. The kind of lock and storage you want for your gun will depend on your situation. Make sure to care for your gun and clean it after use and after you remove it from storage.

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Updated on: November 10, 2015

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