Aetna Health Insurance Makes Finding Coverage Easy


Insurance Can Be Easy And Affordable Through Aetna Health Insurance

With strong ethics and values, Aetna has served the insurance community for well over a century. Its core values include integrity, excellence, inspiration, and caring, all of which are reflected by the doctors, nurses, and other personnel affiliated with the company. But those aren’t the only benefits of choosing Aetna as your health insurance. SEE ALSO: Do You Really Need Health Insurance?


Acquired in 2011 to support Aetna’s consumer product offerings, Payflex makes paying for healthcare much easier. The Payflex multi-purpose debit card can help you with all your healthcare needs by sending all your healthcare costs to one easy-to-use account. Utilizing an integrated platform, real-time expense authorization, and online claim and provider payment services, Payflex makes it easy to pay your medical bills, start a savings account, and much more. Additional tools include:
  • Spending accounts: These accounts allow you to pay your healthcare bills easily and even save for retirement.
  • Health savings account: These savings accounts can help people with high deductible health plans save for emergencies.
  • Individual billing administration, COBRA/non-COBRA: These products and services consist of COBRA administration, Non-COBRA/Retiree, COBRA notice services, and a dedicated call center.

Aetna Navigator®

Another useful tool from Aetna is the Aetna Navigator®, Aetna’s member website and information hub. This personalized, secure website has many functions. Through it, you can:
  • Compare costs for office visits, tests, and procedures
  • Find a doctor
  • Compare health products and services
  • Securely store and share personal health history
  • Get instant access to claims and Explanations of Benefits
  • Track health goals
  • Find forms and order ID cards
  • Research prescription drugs
Essentially, the Aetna Navigator® is a one-stop shop for everything you need healthcare-wise. This tool makes health coverage much easier. SEE ALSO: Everything You Need To Know About The Health Insurance Exchange


Prices and plans vary based on income, number of people, and the coverage you want. Through Aetna’s website, you can find the plans you need to fit your budget, while still covering you and your family. With Aetna, you can feel safe and covered. Aetna’s healthcare options are very hard to beat. However, it’s still very important that you shop around for insurance, rather than settling on a plan you’re not 100% confident with. Click here to shop the health insurance plans available to you.
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Updated on: November 10, 2015

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