Be In Good Hands With Allstate Life Insurance


Allstate Life Insurance Protects Your Family

Known for its infamous slogan, “you’re in good hands,” Allstate is one of the biggest insurers in the industry. With Allstate, you are counting on the people you trust for your other insurance products to protect your most important investments: your spouse and children’s futures. With Allstate, your family’s lifestyle is protected once you pass on, so you can have the peace of mind that your family will be protected. SEE ALSO: 5 Factors To Consider When Deciding Between Term Life Insurance And Stocks


Not sure how much insurance you need? Not to worry, Allstate has you covered with Lifetrek, a website that helps you decide on an appropriate insurance plan and budget for you. With Lifetrek, you’re only a few clicks away from knowing how much life insurance you need. The quiz takes about five minutes in total and can advise you on which insurance plans and riders are right for you. After that, you can simply enter in your zip code and find an agent near you that can help you purchase that insurance plan. But Lifetrek is certainly not the only tool that Allstate has. The company also has a life insurance calculator, which can help you figure out how large of a plan you will need to cover your expenses. Once you have used both of these tools, you will be able to intelligently decide on a life insurance plan.


Everyone’s needs are different. Allstate recognizes this and offers a variety of plans to fit all of your needs. One such plan perfectly exemplifies this flexibility. The TrueTerm SM with TrueFit insurance plan adjusts to fit to your family’s changing needs. This term life insurance plan includes:
  • Personalized protection to fit your needs
  • Customization of your policy to help lower costs as your needs change
  • The ability to add options to fit your family’s growing needs
If term life insurance isn’t what you’re looking for, Allstate also has whole and universal life options. These plans will allow you to permanently cover your family, meaning that they will always be protected, no matter how long you live. With Allstate life insurance, your family’s future will be in good hands, but how can you be sure that Allstate is right for you? Click here to compare life insurance rates and coverage options available to you.
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Updated on: November 10, 2015

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