These Heavy Hitters Could Change The Home Insurance Game For Good


Getting Your Home Insured Through Google Or Amazon

What if the same corporations that helped you navigate the Internet and find the best deal on a new iPad also sold home insurance? While this isn’t possible just yet, it might be possible in the near future. According to a recent survey from Accenture, two thirds (67 percent) of insurance customers would consider buying insurance from products or organizations other than insurers. This number included 23 percent of people who would consider buying insurance from a company like Google or Amazon. While this information doesn’t amount to much at this moment, it could change the landscape of the insurance business drastically in the future. Higher competition could mean lower rates, or it could mean a cross-company stalemate and higher payments.

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The Businesses

According to Accenture, of the 6,000 insurance customers from 11 countries:
  • 43 percent of respondents (2580 people) would consider buying insurance from banks
  • 23 percent (1380 people) would consider buying from online service providers
  • 20 percent (1200 people) would consider buying from home service providers (like telecommunication specialists or home security companies)
  • 14 percent (840 people) would consider buying from retailers
  • 12 percent (720 people) would consider buying from car dealers
This means that anyone from JP Morgan Chase to Google to ADT might be insuring you in the future. These big hitters could really shift the home insurance industry—and they could do it soon. Michael Lyman, global managing director for management consulting in Accenture’s insurance sector stated in an interview thatup to $400 billion in insurance premiums could change hands in the next 12 months. Most likely, this competitiveness will mean lower home insurance rates and more coverage.

The Audience

But the USA is not the target audience for these shifts. Our customer base is too loyal for a trial run. The first areas these companies are looking at are China and Brazil, where the home insurance loyalty rates are low. In China, 81 percent of participants said that they were likely to switch home or auto insurance companies in the next 12 months, while 75 percent of Brazilians answered the same way. These markets are going to be the target markets of new home insurance companies because they will be more willing to switch to more affordable and newer companies.

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The Future

So, if we’re not the target audience of these new companies, what’s in it for us? The threat of these new insurance providers will most likely force current home insurance providers to become more competitive. They’ll either have to offer better products or offer their current products at a lower rate. When these companies eventually do expand to the US, the home insurance market will be even more competitive.  
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Updated on: November 10, 2015

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