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Mercury Home Insurance: Fast Growing And Competitive

With over 20 subsidiaries and 1,000 independent agents in California alone, Mercury is fast becoming a competitor in the insurance industry. Having made a significant mark in the auto insurance sector, Mercury is expanding into the home insurance field, and with their history of success—including an A rating from A.M. Best and Standard & Poor’s—they are guaranteed to perform. SEE ALSO: Securing Your Car With Mercury


One of the best aspects of Mercury home insurance is the discounts. Mercury has a variety of discounts homeowners can partake in, including:
  • A discount for protective devices, such as smoke alarms and security systems
  • A gated community discount
  • A discount for building with fire-resistant materials
  • A new home discount

Fire Insurance

For those in fire frequented areas, Mercury offers fire insurance, which protects against damage from wildfires. This insurance is especially important in areas like Southern California, where a spark can turn into a fire that takes everything you own. This insurance plan covers a variety of different situations, but Mercury emphasizes preventative care.  For instance:
  • Establishing a belt of succulent plants around your house as a barrier instead of a greenbelt or other structures can slow down a fire
  • Retrofitting your home with fire-resistant materials can stall a fire or stop collapse
  • Cleaning roofs can reduce flammable materials
  • Maintaining your irrigation system will not only keep your home lush and green; it will also keep plants from drying into combustible material
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Condo Insurance

On top of the coverage options for fire insurance, Mercury also offers insurance for the needs of other dwellings, such as businesses, apartments, and even condominiums (condos). Condos are an interesting branch of the insurance sector because they do not quite fit in with either homeowners or renters. Mercury works with customers to build a policy for their condo that is unique to their needs. Options include:
  • Worker’s compensation coverage for personal or part time employees
  • Medical protection for guests for accidental injuries
  • Insurance for condos rented to others
  • Coverage for improvements
With a wide variety of coverage options and policies, this breakout company in the home insurance sector is sure to have something to fit your needs.
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Updated on: November 10, 2015

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