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Progressive Home Insurance Offers An Abundance Of Plans

In 1937 Progressive opened its doors, primarily focusing on the auto insurance industry. Now covering anything from your home to your snowmobile, Progressive's pricing and coverage is bound to get even better and more affordable.  While the company finds it home in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio, it offers consumers a multitude of ways to access their home insurance agents, whether it be online, over the phone, or in the person. SEE ALSO: Progressive Motorcycle Insurance

Financial History

Progressive currently is one of the largest auto insurance groups in the US. The company, which has grown on an average of 17 percent per year (approximately $14 billion in policies, yearly), began their website as simply a means to inform customers, is now interactive and allows consumers to order policies and track their rates.

Service Plans

Progressive offers the following insurance plans to its customers:
  • Homeowners Insurance covers everything from the structure of your home to your property to the belongings inside your home. Your homeowners insurance with Progressive will even cover liability to those injured inside your home or property, as well as household pets.
  • Townhouses are also covered by typical Homeowners' insurance, depending on the situation present.
  • Condo Insurance supplements the master policies that condo associations have covering the property. This coverage includes personal property, replacement value of your primary dwelling and covers if anyone is injured on your property.
  • Renters Insurance, much like condo insurance, covers primarily damage to your apartment and personal property if stolen or damaged.
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Other Coverage

It's possible, when opting for homeowners' insurance through Progressive, to opt-in to other plans. Examples of additional coverage can be found in higher limits of liability for property damage, replacement costs for personal property and protection for valuables. It is also possible to take out additional coverage for electronic or computer equipment, which is becoming an increasingly relevant purchase. Overall, Progressive is an excellent choice for people who want a variety of options for a price that is affordable. However, it is always best to shop and compare pricing before deciding on a plan. Click here to compare pricing and coverage options for home insurance in your area.
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Updated on: September 04, 2016

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