Securing Your Car With Mercury


Serving Auto Insurance Since 1962

Having opened in 1962, Mercury Insurance is still relatively new in the world of insurance.  Still, this company, once composed of only six members in a small Los Angeles office, is a fast growing car insurer.  Today, it is the number one insurance broker and agency writer for California and is quickly spreading to other states of the union.

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The Facts

Though Mercury does not offer many unique options for car insurance, their basic package has something other insurance providers do not: the Mercury guarantee.  Mercury’s reliability earned the company a spot on’s list of America’s Most Trustworthy Companies three times (2007, 2008, 2009).  With over four billion dollars in assets and 4,600 employees to fit your needs, Mercury is a secure choice for the road.

Customer Authorized Repair Service (CARS)

One of the many features of Mercury auto insurance is the CARS repair service.  This reliable service allows customers to choose a reputable car repair shop and get the repairs they need quickly. The process is simple: when a customer gets into an accident, they call Mercury’s Claims Hotline, which is available 24/7.  The representative will suggest the closest or most convenient CARS repair shop. There, you can get your car repaired by a highly qualified technician and not have to worry about the cost or the technician’s qualifications.

Business Auto Insurance

Unlike many car insurance companies, Mercury also ensures business cars.  From catering trucks to pest control vans to just regular company cars, Mercury has the right insurance for your business.  Coverage options are also available and range to cover:
  • Liability accidents
  • Personal injuries
  • People that are uninsured or underinsured
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Medical expenses
  • Various collisions

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Safety Savings

Mercury also offers discounts for owning a car with various safety features in it.  These features range, but all of them can help keep your car, and the people in it, safe.  Some safety features that could qualify you for a discount include:
  • Side airbags
  • Brake assistance
  • OnStar, or other crash alert systems
  • Tire pressure monitors
  • Smart headlights
Mercury auto insurance definitely has made itself a positive name both in California and the twelve other states it services.
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Updated on: November 10, 2015

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