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Honesty Is Their Policy

According to founder G.J. Mercherle, State Farm does not sell insurance policies: it sells honesty. The retired farmer and insurance salesman was quoted to have said, “Honesty isn’t the best policy – it is the only policy,” a slogan that drives the company to this day. With a State Farm Catastrophe Team on standby for disasters, ten affiliations to nonprofit educational foundations, and countless awards for being a “green” company, it is easy to see how State Farm upholds their honesty and do-gooder attitude. But what is the coverage like? The State Farm team of 18,000 agents has had great reviews from across the country for their insurance, especially their auto policies. This company gets ahead of the game by offering multiple discounts, encouraging safe driving, and presenting new technologies to the insurance field.

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Unlike many insurance providers who offer discounts that are almost identical to other companies, State Farm has a range of discounts that could qualify customers for big savings. These discounts vary by state, but all have a focus on educating drivers and keeping them safe. Some discounts include:
  • mature driver discount for people 55 years or older
  • loyalty discount for people with specialty vehicles
  • student away from school discount for students who live at least 100 miles away from their parents

Safe Driving

State Farm’s principal concern is safety. As a result, they offer a large variety of programs and discounts to promote safe driving, all of which are unique to their company. Programs include, but are not limited to:
  • The Drive Safe & Save™ Program, which uses information from your vehicle’s communication service (like OnStar) to generate a discount for your safe driving
  • The Steer Clear® Safe Driver Discount Program that allows drivers to take a refresher course to receive a discount
  • Defensive Driving Course Discount, where participants take a driving course in their area can receive a discount for doing so

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Going Mobile

On top of all these offers, State Farm also uses today’s technology to help you file a claim and keep you on the good driver path.
  • State Farm’s Pocket Agent® allows smart phone users to file a claim, get roadside assistance, and do your banking
  • The Driver Feedback™ application scores the customer’s driving and offers tips for safe driving
  • Drivers who would like the Steer Clear® discount can download the Steer Clear® Mobile application, which shows them their progress to getting the discount
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Updated on: November 10, 2015

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