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My Goods Locker Stores Your Contents Information

As anyone who has ever had a home-related incident will tell you: keeping an inventory of the goods in your home is as crucial to getting an accurate amount back from your home insurance company as purchasing home contents insurance. The best way to do so has been debated by insurance agents and third party companies for a while. Some insurance companies have their own home contents catalogue available on their website or mobile application, but even these are limited in function. Enter My Goods Locker, a UK-based home inventory resource that allows you to record all the items in your home and on your person that could potentially be lost in a disaster. But that’s not all My Goods Locker does. You can upload photos of the items and receipts, enter in their serial number, report if the item is stolen, choose a beneficiary, calculate if you have enough home insurance coverage, and so much more. According to Richard Parry, Commercial Director for My Goods Locker, it is “a long term, peace of mind, solution for people who are prepared to spend some time collating the details of their possessions.”

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“Much More Than A Contents Log”

As you probably figured out, My Goods Locker is much more than simply a place to list all the items in your home. Its many tools and features go above and beyond the contents logs your insurance company will provide or link to. In addition to the services listed above, Parry informed me that My Goods Locker also offers the following:
  • An Emergency Home Cover section for documenting all your insurance providers. This information can be sent through email or text to the user’s references.
  • Notification services for insurance, emergency coverage, vehicles, and other providers.
  • A strong room with added security for passwords, personal information, and accounts or agreements.
  • Manufacturer recall notifications, which notify you if one of the items you’ve listed has been recalled.
  • Lost and stolen item recovery, which alerts members if they are trying to register an item that has been stolen or lost before.
  • Insurance claim support and full reporting for users to send to their insurance company in the event of a disaster.
What’s even better is that My Goods Locker does all of this and for only a fraction of the cost of their competitors. While another contents log site might charge £100 (about $168), My Goods Locker only charges £19.99 (about $34) a year.


You don’t have to worry about your information getting compromised either. With My Goods Locker, you have the added benefit of many levels of security, which are all constantly tested for faults. “All My Goods Locker servers are UK based and protected by 256-Bit Encryption and all available services use SSL Certificates provided by some of the largest providers, including Digicert,” Parry said. In addition, your information is not shared with third parties, your payment details are not held, and if you do not renew your account after a year, your account is suspended and all your information is destroyed.

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The US Market

The only downside is that because My Goods Locker is a UK-based company, they primarily serve that area. However, all this means is that the payment amount will be in pounds, not dollars. This also applies to the financial estimates made in the system itself. But My Goods Locker is definitely not closing that door anytime soon, Parry informed me. “We are open to approach from suitable US based companies who would like the opportunity to partner My Goods Locker in taking it formally to the US marketplace,” Parry said of possible international expansion. Until that time, though, My Goods Locker is still an excellent tool for homeowners internationally.
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Updated on: November 10, 2015

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