Top 5 Weirdest Insurance Policies Of All Time


Cover Almost Anything With These 5 Weird Insurance Policies

Typical insurance policies cover automobiles, health and home, but you may have heard stories in the tabloids about more unusual coverage—like Mariah Carey insuring her legs. These strange requests fall under what the industry calls “specialty lines.” In plain speak, they're just weird insurance policies. This segment of the insurance market covers virtually anything, including all the weird, wacky and highly unusual; from body parts to “change of heart” insurance for a bride or groom left standing alone at the altar. Here’s a look at the five strangest insurance policies. SEE ALSO: 5 Weird Home Insurance Claims That Are Actually Covered

1. Pet Injury Insurance

Pet owners are usually aware that they can buy insurance for little Fuzzball and Spike should they ever get injured or sick, but what happens if you get in an auto accident and your golden retriever gets injured in the back seat because he wasn’t wearing a seat belt? Well, now there’s auto pet insurance, otherwise known as Pet Injury Insurance. Companies like Progressive will pay up to $1,000 in vet bills—if the family cat breaks a leg in a fender bender—for animal injuries from an auto accident, as part of your auto insurance.

2. Body Part Insurance

Insurance exists to protect certain assets; if a movie star or athlete depends on a body part to make a living, then it’s understandable that they might want to insure that body part, right? The list of strange body parts insured by celebrities and athletes includes: David Beckham’s legs, America Ferrera’s smile, Troy Polamalu’s hair and Bruce Springsteen’s voice. The award for strangest part to be insured, however, might go to Merv Hughes, an Australian cricket player in the 1980s who insured his handlebar mustache for roughly $370,000, because it was considered a critical part of his image. The earliest example of a celebrity getting a body part was Ben Turpin, a cross-eyed silent film actor. Lloyd’s of London gave him a $25,000 policy, should his eyes ever become uncrossed.

3. Alien Abduction Insurance

Do you live in fear that little green men are going to come down from the sky to perform experiments on you? Never fear! You can purchase alien abduction insurance, which covers alien examinations, death and even alien pregnancy. The first company to offer alien abduction protection is the St. Lawrence Agency in Florida, which offers a payout of one dollar per year for life for successful claims. They’ve offered coverage for 25 years now, and so far the company asserts two claims have been paid out. London-based agent Goodfellow Rebecca Ingrams Pearson offered a policy as well until Heaven’s Gate cult members, who had purchased a policy from them, committed group suicide.

4. Kidnapping, Ransom, And Extortion Insurance

A little more sensible than alien abduction insurance is kidnapping insurance, which is offered by Lloyd’s of London to individuals, missionary groups and corporations. Most kidnappings do not result in death, but in payment of the ransom. A reminder that you need not be a rock star or head of state to be in danger, the policy offers: coverage for ransom money, reward money, negotiation services, loss or ransom in transit, forensic services, public relations, counseling and many more features. SEE ALSO: What Dog Breeds Are Uninsurable?

5. Change Of Heart Insurance

Insurance policies for weddings typically cover problems with the photographer, damage to the dress, lost gifts or bad service. But what if the groom gets cold feet? Fear no more! “Change of Heart” service is now available from different providers, which covers lost expenses should the bride or groom fail to show up at the altar. This type of insurance is typically bought by whoever is paying for the wedding, usually the father of the bride.
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Updated on: November 10, 2015

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