Military Members And Their Families Choose USAA Motorcycle Insurance


USAA Motorcycle Insurance Provides Affordable Insurance Plans

Members of the military, veterans, and family members of military personnel are eligible to get insurance through USAA, an insurance company that has served the military since its creation in 1922. USAA doesn’t just provide insurance, however. The company also offers banking, investments, and retirement services as well. USAA’s insurance services are top notch and compete with many of the largest insurance companies out there. This is especially true of USAA’s motorcycle coverage, which offers unique benefits and discounts to its members.


Because USAA offers many different types of services, you can also get your motorcycle insured and financed through them. The bundling will save you time and quite possibly money. But the variety of services is certainly not all that USAA customers enjoy. For example, unlike other insurers, USAA will cover your bike’s custom parts and equipment for up to $30,000. That means you can worry less about accidental dings or damage from causeless vandals. On top of all that, you can report a claim anytime of the day or night using USAA’s 24-hour claims service center. If the damage is too great, you also have access to USAA’s 24-hour roadside assistance, which will get you to a shop and get you home without hassle.


You can save time by having multiple services through USAA, but can you save money? The discounts USAA offers suggest that you can. USAA offers the following discounts on their insurance plans:
  • Active-Duty Military Status: Your active duty military status and rank affect how much you pay in premiums.
  • USAA Loyalty: If you stay with USAA long enough, you qualify for a loyalty discount.
  • Multiple Products Discount: Having multiple USAA insurance products will also lower your premiums.
  • My USAA Legacy Discount: Members who are 25 years old or younger and have a parent that has USAA insurance can save up to 10 percent.

Choosing USAA

Finding insurance for your favorite mode of transportation can be difficult. You most likely want your insurance plan to reflect how you feel on your motorcycle: care free. That’s why comparing companies and plans is vital. Click here to see what insurance is available to you.
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Updated on: November 10, 2015

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