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Offering Internet For Home And Business

Since consolidating six phone companies over 20 years ago, 702 Communications has worked tirelessly to provide communications services to its constituency in the Fargo, North Dakota metropolitan area. Customers on both sides of the border in both North Dakota and Minnesota, can take advantage of 702 Communications’ efforts in high speed Internet, cable television, phone service, and many other personalized features.

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702 offers a fiber optic connection in many service areas, boasting an incredible 90Mb of speed with no bandwidth caps and no contracts, all at a variety of price points for both residential and business customers.

702 Communications also works with local landlords and building managers to provide Internet packages for apartment buildings that can be factored in to rental and lease arrangements.


You can order cable or phone service in addition to high speed Internet, and building a package often creates the best price. Try these prepackaged bundles for extra savings:

  • Bronze: $69.99 per month, with over 120 channels, and 3Mb of data
  • Silver: $84.99 per month, with over 200 channels and 3Mb of data
  • Gold: $94.99 per month, with over 250 channels and 3Mb of data
  • Platinum: $124.99 per month, with over 200 channels, 31 movie channels, wireless router and 3Mb of data

Additionally, HD television can be added for $10 per month, as well as a phone landline starting at $14.99 per month.

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Businesses in the Fargo area can look forward to the same fast speeds as residential customers, and a few more options to suit their commercial needs.

702 Communications also offers these unique services to businesses:

  • Web hosting 
  • Voice over IP phone service
  • Customized IT services
  • Customized video conferencing solutions for any sized office


702 Communications also provides wholesale services to clients that include wholesaling bandwidth, long distance, and fiber transport.

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Updated on: November 10, 2015

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