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Headquartered in Lansing, Michigan, provides digital phone service, broadband Internet and data services to residential customers throughout the state.

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For $9.95 a month, offers unlimited Internet access via 56k dial-up. While not as fast as their other Internet services, dial-up is a cheaper option for folks that just want to get online to check email and do minor web surfing. also has several dial-up access numbers to guarantee a response, and several local numbers available so customers don’t have to worry about long distance charges.


For customers that want to stream media and download at quicker speeds, broadband Internet is available through ADSL2+ technology with speeds up to 20 Mbps, which is must faster than traditional DSL.

ADSL2+ stands for asymmetrical digital subscriber line. It’s called asymmetrical because the bandwidth is much greater for downloading than uploading. All plans are available without phone service. They include:

  • 1 Mbps Broadband: 960 kbps download and upload speeds for $34.95 a month
  • 3 Mbps Broadband: 3 Mbps download and 512 kbps upload for $42.95 a month
  • 6 Mbps Broadband: 6 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload speeds for $49.95 a month
  • 20 Mbps Broadband: 1.5 Mbps download and 20 Mbps upload speeds for $59.95 a month

Phone phone plans are VoIP, or voice over Internet protocol. Instead of traditional phone service where the signal is transmitted over a copper phone line, VoIP uses the Internet to send voice calls. Four different plans are available, ranging from $24.95 to $49.95, depending on the number of long distance minutes.

All plans have call blocking, caller ID, 3-way calling, and several other features. A variety of bundled packages are available for phone and Internet, depending on amount of minutes and speed.

Business Services

ACD not only services residential customers, but provides broadband Internet and data services, hosting, and backbone network servicesto large and small businesses.

Not only do they construct and repair fiber optic cables, but they also provide the various services that run through the fiber optic network. They have gigabit Ethernet service providing 1 Gbps of downloading and uploading, along with ADSL2+, T1 and T3 lines, and Ultraspeed Ethernet up to 100 Mpbs. All of these services are available on a secure multi-protocol label service (MPLS) capable network.

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Hosting And Data Center Services

The datacenter provides colocation services to monitor and maintain your server so you don’t have to. They offer redundant power and a secure location, so you can focus on the business instead of managing your Web services.

The package include data backup, database tools, anti-spam features, and extra domains with a web-based control panel to monitor your accounts metrics online. Plans available include:

  • Standard: $14.95/month for 5 GB of space and 120 GB data cap.
  • Standard Plus: $19.95/month for 20 GB of space and 200 GB data cap.
  • Professional: $29.95/month for 40 GB of space and 320 GB data cap.
  • Professional Plus: $39.95/month for 100 GB of space and 400 GB data cap.
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Updated on: November 10, 2015

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