What Everyone Needs To Know About The Amazon Fire Phone


The Must-Have Features On The Amazon Fire Phone

On July 18, 2014, Amazon announced its newest creation. The Amazon Fire phone is a 4G LTE phone with a 4.7-inch Gorilla Glass, an HD resolution screen, and 3D display that senses how your phone is positioned and adjusts the display accordingly. But that is definitely not all that the Amazon Fire Phone brings to the table. With software that will help you find information just by taking a photo, hardware that exceeds current standards, and a price that won’t break the bank ($199 with AT&T), Amazon has easily exceeded the competition’s current capabilities.

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Here are some of the key features the Amazon Fire Phone offers:

The Hardware

The phone’s hardware comes with a variety of features to enhance the user experience. They include:
  • A rubberized frame
  • Aluminum buttons
  • 2.2 GHz processor
  • Adreno 330 GPU
  • 2GB of RAM
  • A rear camera with 13 megapixels and a f/2.0 lens
  • Six front cameras (to adjust viewing angles)
  • A 590 nits screen display
But those are just the basics. Everything on the Amazon Fire Phone has some purpose, yet the phone is still visually appealing and compact.


With smart design in mind, Amazon also included software called Firefly. This feature is smart enough to recognize books, phone numbers, DVDs, QR codes, CDs, URLs, games, bar codes, and much more. Once Firefly recognizes an item, it can pull it up on Amazon for you to buy, pull up a Wikipedia entry, or find other valuable information on the item. Want to know the best year of a wine to buy? Firefly can pull up that information, and much more, in a matter of seconds. This unique system can recognize a hundred million items, so the likelihood of you not finding an object is very slim.

3D Images

Its intuitive design also includes the ability to tilt the screen and see 3D images from different angles. That means you can pause and think through a move in a game, see the Empire State Building from all angles, or simply scroll through your favorite book with a flick of the wrist.


With such a nice camera and display, it might seem hard to decide which media files to keep and which to delete on your phone, a choice travelers definitely don’t want to make. Luckily, the Amazon Fire Phone comes with unlimited cloud storage for photos. The phone also uses global LTE and quad-band GSM, so the phone can be used virtually anywhere in the world. Additional features that will excite the backpacker in you include:
  • Five bands of UTMS
  • 802.11ac support
  • NFC

Syncing With Amazon Devices

Of course, the Amazon Fire Phone also syncs with the overabundance of other applications and devices that the company offers. In addition to Fire TV, Fire Phone also works with Amazon Prime, Kindle Newsstand, Audible, and comiXology. The home screen display also goes with the Amazon syncing idea. You can choose between a Kindle carousel-like display or an Android-esque display, whichever suits your fancy.

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The Price

The 32GB phone retails through AT&T for $199 (or $27 per month with Next) and the 64GB phone sells for $299 with a contract. You can also buy the phone through Amazon for $649 for the 32GB and $749 for the 64GB. The phone includes one free year of Prime, even if you have an existing account. Preorders begin today and are due to ship out on July 25th.
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