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Bellsouth is now an operating company of AT&T. The telecommunications company formed in 1984 when AT&T was forced to divest itself of local phone companies by the Department of Justice, and served the southeastern United States,

Until December 2006 when AT&T purchased the company for roughly $86 billion, Bellsouth operated out of Atlanta, Georgia and offered phone, TV and Internet services. Following the acquisition, the Bellsouth name has been phased out and former domain names associated with the company, like, all redirect to

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AT&T is one of the largest telecom companies in the country, offering phone service, high speed Internet, TV and wireless services. U-verse is AT&T’s popular integrated wireless gateway that connects all these various services to the Web with any combination of services.

Phone plans have the same features customers are used to, including call waiting and 3-way calling, plus new features like visual voicemail. Prices for packages like "All Distance" and "Complete Choice" vary by location, and whether or not the package is bundled with other services.

Standalone Internet service is offered via DSL, either with or without phone service. Plans also include 10 email accounts, a firewall and security software with virus and spyware protection, spamguard and parental controls.

AT&T U-verse uses a fiber optic connection to deliver Internet, phone and TV services, or any combination of the three. The services are all networked together for an integrated experience.

Internet U-verse Plans:

  • Max Turbo: 24 Mbps download speeds for $63/month
  • Max Plus: 18 Mbps download speeds for $53/month
  • Max: 12 Mbps download speeds for $48/month
  • Elite: 6 Mbps download speeds for $43/month
  • Pro: 3 Mbps download speeds for $38/month

These are the standard Internet prices, but may vary depending on location and special introductory offers.

The company also provides high speed wireless services. You can get mobile hotspot devices that allow you to connect devices like iPads and laptops from anywhere, using the nation’s largest 4G network connection that also connects smartphones.

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Since Bellsouth has been absorbed by AT&T, customers get all the benefits offered by the large telecom company. With U-verse available, customers now have several options for bundles and services that aren’t offered by other companies.

Subscribers can take advantage of its speedy 4G network, incredible fast fiber optic Internet, digital phone and digital TV with state-of-the-art DVRs all on the same bill.

It’s never been easier to watch your favorite channels and get connected to download the content you want, with flexible plans to meet your needs without breaking the bank.

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Updated on: November 10, 2015

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