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High Speed Business Internet from Birch Communications

Birch Communications started in Georgia in 1996, with a goal to provide small and medium-sized business owners exemplary service. Now, headquartered in Atlanta and with satellite operations in Kansas, Missouri, and Macon, GA, Birch Communications has customers in 38 states across the country.

Their services include business local and long distance voice calling, high speed broadband Internet access, mobile phone and data, e-mail, virtual private network and more information technology services, including private voice over IP lines. Here is a breakdown of some of Birch’s Internet services. 

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BirchNet DSL offers high speed Internet to business customers ataffordable prices. You can rely on the quality and consistency of Birch with several different DSL packages, including:

  • BirchNet 3.0 DSL with speeds up to 3.0Mbps
  • BirchNet 6.0 DSL with speeds up to 6.0Mbps

These come with a free router, 10 email addresses, and custom web domains. Additional email addresses, storage and static IP addresses are available at an additional charge.

T1 Internet

If you need something faster than DSL, you can try BirchLink T1 Internet. For the bandwidth intensive business, you will want to try T1, starting at $279 per month for business customers and including:

  • Unlimited dedicated T1 access at a monthly flat rate
  • 1.544Mbps of bandwidth
  • 30 email addresses
  • 5 public and six static IP addresses

Mobile Internet

For taking your business on the go, BirchBreeze is the option for you. BirchBreeze is a wireless broadband card that fits into any USB 2.0 slot, providing Internet access anywhere, with speeds up to 1400 Kbps. The device is available at a low cost or even free with a two-year contract.

BirchBreeze has nationwide coverage and several plans to fit your needs, including:

  • Breeze 500MB: $19.95 per month, with 500MB monthly usage
  • Breeze 2GB: $39.95 per month, with 2GB monthly usage
  • Breeze 5GB: $49.95 per month, with 5GB monthly usage


For added savings, consider bundling Birch’s private voice over IP line phone system with your Internet service. Packages are available for both T1 and DSL customers looking to save money while maximizing service.

Birch Communications prides itself on its service to business, and with a variety of Internet options with speeds and price points for any business.

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Updated on: November 10, 2015

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