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A home Internet repeater, or Wi-Fi booster, connects to your wireless network and repeats the signal, expanding the range of your wireless network and helps with dead spots. A good repeater will have functionality lights to let you know it is working, ethernet ports, setup buttons, optimal coverage indicators, and help and support. Here are some of the top options if you are looking for a home Internet repeater.

1. Hawking HW2R1

An LED signal strength indicator will display the signal strength between your repeater and wireless connection. This will allow you to position the three antennas on the repeater to get the best connection. This repeater installs in under a minute and doesn't need any software, but does not have an automatic installation button. The Hawking Repeater comes with a support utility to upgrade firmware, reset devices to factory settings, adjust IP settings, scan and connect to wireless Internet networks and view current system settings. It has 4 LAN ethernet ports and one WAN ethernet port. The Hawking can extend range up to 450 feet.

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2. ZyXEL WAP3205

ZyXEL wireless repeater can extend wireless network coverage for multimedia streaming. It has a WPS button for quick and easy wireless security setup, meaning you push a button and connect. ZyXEL also offers an installation wizard to ensure the repeater meets your needs. The device comes with two ethernet connectors and two antennas. It can function to extend a wireless network with or without a router and can perform a number of functions. The device can extend range up to 300 feet.

3. Belkin Dual Band Range Extender

This repeater extends your Wi-Fi coverage without requiring you to install programs on your computer. It features four ethernet ports, but does not have any antennas to help find a better connection. It offers a two year limited warranty, 24/7 tech support and comes with a quick install guide. Anytime you need to setup the router, simply press the reset button. This Belkin device can extend range up to 300 feet.

With a number of repeaters to choose from there is no reason that you cannot find the features you are looking for at the right price. Antennas, ethernet ports, on/off switches, setup buttons, and tech support are all options you may be looking for and are available with the right Internet repeater.

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Updated on: November 10, 2015

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