Buckeye Cable System Serving Ohio & Michigan


Buckeye Cable System is a cable provider based in Toledo, Ohio that serves northwest Ohio and parts of southern Michigan. Buckeye provides broadband Internet, phone service and cable television.

Buckeye Cable is the fifth-fastest ISP in Ohio, averaging 14.12 Megabytes Per Second (Mbps). They are the primary cable provider in the Toledo area and the nation’s 25th-largest cable provider. While the company faces competition from AT&T’s U-Verse high-speed Internet service, as well as satellite dish and Time Warner Cable, they remain the top provider in the area by a vast majority. One survey found that Buckeye served 110 of 118 units in a Toledo housing development.

Buckeye Cable Sports Network (BCSN) carries various local sports—including stock car racing, minor league professional teams like the Toledo Mud Hens, colleges like the University of Toledo and Bowling Green State University and high school sporting events.

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Personal Service

How do they keep an edge over the nationwide providers?

“Our secret sauce is our customer service,” says Brad Mefferd, president of Buckeye Cable System. “We live here, we work here and we are passionate.”

But they knuck when they buck: Every year, Buckeye customers receive a letter with the home and cell phone numbers of the company’s management, including the president of the parent company, Block Communications Inc. The company has been privately held and family-owned for 107 years, starting out as a newspaper company that gradually shifted into cable, and eventually digital media.

Yet the personal touch of their customer service is neither backwards nor behind-the-times. Buckeye Cable has instituted SageQuest Mobile GPS tracking software to keep abreast of where their technicians are in the field; so that when a customer calls with a problem, they can dispatch the nearest available technician and respond as quickly as possible.

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Technology To Boot

Beyond their focus on superior customer service, Buckeye Cable is constantly upgrading their Internet bandwidth and speeds. Just within the last few months, Buckeye has upgraded their service to reach download speeds of 110 Mbps, which will position them as the second-fastest cable provider in the nation.

In the meantime, they have begun offering Arris’ Moxi online gateways, acombined modem/DVR. Buckeye Cable announced in July 2012 that they selected Azuki Systems to power their new video-on-demand service.

Azuki Media Platform delivers video to any screen: Smart phones, tablets, computers and more. They also recently announced a long-term plan to upgrade their service to reach upstream speeds of 90 Mbps, faster than both Comcast Xfinity and Verizon FiOS.

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