Cavalier Telephone Becomes Windstream Communications


Cavalier Telephone has provided telecommunications service since 1998, and currently operates in 16 states across the Eastern US. In 2010, Cavalier was acquired by PAETEC of New York, expanding its service capabilities immensely. As of December, 2011, PAETEC was acquired by Windstream, which currently remains as Cavalier Telephone’s parent company.

Cavalier Telephone still provides residential service to existing customers, but has not accepted new residential customers since late 2011. Their residential services included home high-speed Internet, telephone, and, through a partnership with DISH network, satellite television service.Existing residential customers can maintain their service with Cavalier, though their new focus is on business services.

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Business customers of Cavalier Telephone are served by Windstream Communications. Their focus is on small to medium sized business Internet as well as appropriate, complimentary add-on services. Their Internet options include:

  • Full Data T1
  • Integrated T1
  • Ethernet


Windstream has several phone packages for businesses, from local and long distance to enhanced toll-free calling.


You can bundle with Windstream as well.

  • Voice and Integrated T1: $295 per month
  • Phone, Internet and Website Design and Hosting: $129 per month
  • Business Class Phone and Internet: $79 per month
  • as well as many other packages to suit your business needs.

And, if you are already in a telecommunications contract, Windstream will help you out of it should you find their packages or prices more appealing.

Add-On Services

Windstream offers its business customers an array of affiliated Internet services so customers can make the most of their account. These include:

  • Cloud Hosting and Automated Back-Ups
  • Equipment
  • Software
  • Internet Security Features
  • Audio and Video Web Conferencing
  • Fax to Email

Additionally, Cavalier Telephone through Windstream will work with individual businesses to create appropriate packages based on their specific industry. For instance, health care providers, government offices, or education systems may have different needs, all of which Windstream can create a customized solution for based on pre-made industry specific packages.

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Updated on: November 10, 2015

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