Cinergy Metronet Fiber Optic Telecommunications Provider


Cinergy Metronet is a fiber optic telecommunications company and Internet Service Provider serving several communities in Indiana.

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Fiber Optic

Cinergy offers the triple play of services: Digital Cable Television, Phone and Internet. All three of these are delivered by fiber optic cables. Just as with traditional cable wires, users can use all three simultaneously.

Fiber optic wires are different than cable wires or the phone wires that provide DSL. This entirely different infrastructure offers greater bandwidth than traditional lines, meaning faster speeds and higher download caps. Fiber optic is also more secure and reliable than traditional means.

Even better, Metronet delivers true state-of-the-art fiber optic connectivity by wiring things “Fiber to the premises,” in which end users get full fiber optic. Some other fiber optic companies run a shared community linethrough a neighborhood or apartment building, then users connect to that via a traditional broadband connection; this method limits top speed capabilities. These companies get away with this “Fiber to the curb” method today because most users do not demand more than 20-50 Mbps, and no one needs more than 100 Mbps. But as more users join this Internet party line, every user’s speed gets dragged down. “Fiber to the premises” eliminates this problem.

Furthermore, Metronet is quick to point out that today’s fast is tomorrow’s slow, and that “Fiber to the curb” will allow users to scale up their connection speeds to something much higher and with greater ease any other Internet customers. In short, Metronet is betting that "Fiber to the premises" is the future.

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Services And Pricing

Metronet offers a wide range of Internet speeds. The specifics vary by location, but taking Huntington, Indiana as an example chosen at random, speeds range from 15 Megabits per second (Mbps) for downloads, with 1 Mbps for uploads, all the way up to 100 Mbps download with 10 Mbps upload speeds.

Even the slowest of these packages is considered ultra-high-speed Internet, which means it will be fast enough for users who regularly stream videos from YouTube or Netflix, download movies or other large files, play online video games, or frequently engage in Skype, Chat Roulette, or other video conferencing activities. Also, all Metronet services come with Internet Security Suite to help keep you safe as you sail the high seas of the Internet.

Metronet does not list prices; customers within the Metronet service area are asked to request a quote to learn more about pricing. However, a review on third-party website implied that pricing is comparable to Comcast and other mainstream providers.


According to Net Index, the preeminent third-party ISP evaluator, Metronet is the fourth-fastest ISP in Indiana, delivering an average download speed of 17.75 Mbps. Surveyed customers gave Metronet an astonishing 4.2 of 5 stars for customer satisfaction.

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Updated on: November 10, 2015

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