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Are you looking for high-speed, broadband Internet access? Perhaps cable and DSL services aren’t available for your home or business. And maybe you don’t want to pay the high price of satellite Internet, which can be too slow for your needs. Or just maybe, the idea of commanding your own roving, wireless hotspot sounds intriguing. If any of this sounds like you, then Clear Internet service could be a great choice.

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Take It With You

Clear Internet is wireless, 4G Internet access that you can take with you anywhere. 4G is the same technology that powers the next generation of smart phones and computer tablets. That means that you access the Web from almost anywhere. Your signal will move with you to a job site or on a moving train. As long as you are in the coverage area, you can access a fast connection to the Internet.

Clear wireless service shouldn’t be confused with a home wireless network or a cellular service. With Clear service, you employ devices that enable you to connect to the Internet in a variety of ways and places. You can take “Spots” with you, that turn any location into a hotspot and power up to eight devices at once; “Sticks,” which work a for a single user, on a laptop, for example; or you can use a “Hub,” which creates a powerful signal for a stationary location, such as the home or office.

Wireless Internet from Clear is much faster than dial-up Web access. Also you won’t have to log on; the service is always connected. And you won’t have to deal with systems of cords and cables; your Web connection will be wireless.

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Clear offers several plans, prices and service packages. 4G Home Basic comes with unlimited data usage and you don’t have to install anything;you just plug the modem into an electrical outlet and your home or business becomes a wireless hotspot. If you’re looking to watch movies online, stream music, download large files or video chat, then you may want 4G Home Faster service, which boosts speeds to 6 Mbps. The next plan, Unlimited 4G Mobile lets you take the Web with you anywhere. It’s perfect for connecting a PC or Mac laptop. The 4G Home and Mobile plan is the right plan if you’re looking for both a stationary and mobile setup. You even get two portable modems with this plan.

When you get down to it, the Internet can be downright inconvenient. With cable and DSL, you’re tied to a cord and trapped in one location. Satellite can be expensive, slow and there’s a significant installation and setup process. With many smart phone and tablets, you are stuck with slower 3G service. Clear Internet service offers portable, speedy Internet access that doesn’t require cables, satellite dishes or tiny phones. If you are ready to step up to broadband Internet access, but don’t want to be tied down, then Clear Internet service might be just the thing you need.

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Updated on: January 05, 2017

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