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Clearwave Communications, LLC

Since 1996, Clearwave Communications has provided the latest in telecommunications services to the residents and businesses of southern Illinois. Clearwave offers both voice and data connectivity, including high-speed internet service, on networks and equipment owned by the company itself, rather than leased from a big-name service provider. Since Clearwave owns the equipment, the company can provide a higher quality of care and faster response times in the event of a service interruption.

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Service Areas

From its headquarters in Harrisburg, Illinois, Clearwave serves morethan 20 counties in the southern half of the state. In August 2010, the company received a grant from the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP) of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) in an effort to bring broadband internet access to rural Illinois communities. Clearwave participates in the Illinois Broadband Opportunity Partnership (IBOP), which works toward providing schools, colleges, libraries and other agencies with broadband internet services. The project is expected to be finished by August, 2013.


With over 200,000 potential customers due to receive broadband internet access, these rural communities will reap significant benefitsfrom Clearwave's service. Residents and businesses will haveunprecedented access to information at speeds previously unavailable through dial-up connections.


Clearwave operates its own fiber optic network, which allows users to access speed ranging from 10 Mbps to 1 Gbps. The company leases its modems to customers, providing access to the high-speed network. Customers can provide their own network interface card (NIC) and install one in each computer designated for connection, as well as a router to direct the connection to each machine in the local area network (LAN). 


Clearwave promises that their fiber optic network is 99.999% reliable, one of the highest ratings in the industry. Technicians monitor the network around the clock and every day of the year at the data center in Harrisburg. Residential digital subscriber line (DSL) customers can enjoy high bandwidth, dynamic internet protocol (IP) addresses, and local tech support.


Clearwave offers its residential DSL customers a range of plans:

  • Plan I: 1.5 Mbps Download Speed/384 Kbps Upload Speed at $19.95/month (Requires Clearwave Calling Plan)
  • Plan II: 4.0 Mbps Download Speed/768 Kbps Upload Speed at $29.95/month (Requires Clearwave Calling Plan)
  • Plan III: 4.0 Mbps Download Speed/768 Kbps Upload Speed at $39.95/month (Does Not Require Clearwave Calling Plan)

Other fees, terms and conditions may apply.

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Clearwave offers much-needed internet connectivity to the residents and businesses of southern Illinois. The growth in bandwidth that the projects in which Clearwave participates will expand the knowledge base and opportunities in this neglected region.

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