Coffeyville Connection Offers Town And Country Service


Coffeyville Connection Delivers Wireless To Coffeyville, Kansas

Coffeyville Connection provides wireless Internet services to both urban and rural locations throughout the Coffeyville, KS region.

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The city of Coffeyville's primary Internet connection comes through the city's WiFi. To access the Internet in Coffeyville, all a resident or visitor has to do is look for the Coffeyville Connection on their mobile device's list of wireless networks. If he or she has already set up an account, this process should be easy. In no time, you can log onto a secure wireless network that covers you no matter where you are.

For Coffeyville's rural residents, the process is the same. Anyone within line of sight view of the Southern Hills Tower and Veterans Memorial Stadium can access the wireless network in a similar way that a city resident can. To access Coffeyville's WiFi in a rural area, residents should schedule an on site visit. This visit will ensure that the signal you receive in your home is satisfactory. These surveys are conducted from mid-spring to mid-fall.

Email Hosting

Email hosting is available for customers with the Standard Service plan or above. Residents can access this service through Coffeyville Connection's website.


Coffeyville Connection has a secure WiFi network so users can rest assured that they are safe when surfing, checking e-mail, doing business, or more. There are three different services to choose from:    

  • Basic Service includes access to e-mail and the Internet. The download speed is up to 1 Mbps and the upload speed is up to 512 Kbps. This basic service is designed for people to use it on an as-needed basis. It costs $2.50 per day; $5 per week or $10 per month.
  • Standard Service includes e-mail, Internet, videos, and some movies. The download speed is up to 3 Mbps and the upload speed is up to 1 Mbps. This service is $25 per month.
  • Premium Service includes access to e-mail, Internet, Skype, movies, and games. It offers download speeds of up to 5 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 2 Mbps. This service is $40 per month.

Payment for any of these services needs to be made online via debit, credit or bank cards, or PayPal. Additional set up fees will apply. For users who wish to receive free wireless, downtown Coffeyville is a hot spot.   

If users wish to have wireless signals for multiple devices, it is suggested that the user purchase what is referred to as a wireless bridge. For example, the IOGEAR Universal Ethernet to Wi-Fi N Adapter for Home or Office GWU627 is available on Amazon for about $40.00.

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Other Features

Coffeyville residents can also take part in free wireless Internet in the downtown Coffeyville area. This service is available the same way Coffeyville's regular WiFi is—simply use your mobile device to connect to this free service.

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Updated on: November 10, 2015

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