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Cricket Communications isone of the largest wireless providers in the country,offering broadband Internet and no contract prepaid phone plans to over 6 million customers. In 2012, they were the first prepaid carrier to offer iPhones. Cricket Communications is a subsidiary of Leap Wireless International Inc.

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Broadband Internet

Broadband Data Plans allows customers to enjoy wireless web access from anywhere. All they need is a wireless Internet card, USB modem or Wi-Fi hotspot, and one of the plans listed below. The Cricket website has abandwidth calculator so subscribers can determine which plan fits their needs. Most USB modem devices are 3G, although the company has released its first 4G-capable modem.

4G LTE plan options, with connections up to 3 Mbps include:

  • Light: 2 GB data allowance for $35/month
  • Medium: 4 GB data allowance for $45/month
  • Heavy: 8 GB data allowance for $65/month
  • Power: unlimited data for $80/month

The 3G Broadband plans (up to 1.4 Mbps connection) are the same price and data size, but doesn’t include an unlimited “Power” plan. All Data Plans have no contract or hidden fees.

Cricket's Fair Use Policy that states once a user exceeds the data limit, download speeds will be throttled to 56 kbps dialup speeds until the next billing cycle. The company’s own field measurement data places normal 3G speeds at 200-800kbps, and 4G LTE speeds at 1-8 Mbps.

Phone Plans

Just as with the Broadband Plans, Phone Plans include no contract, no activation fee and free shipping. Their network has coverage in all 50 states, including a total of roughly 277 million people.

Phone plans are separated into three categories: basic, smartphone, and Muve. All plans include unlimited texting and data usage with calling features like caller ID, call waiting and call forwarding.

Basic Plans are for people interested in talk and text without much data or a smartphone.

  • Basic Plan: Unlimited talk and text, $35/month
  • Value Plan: Unlimited talk/text/data, $45/month

Smartphone Plans:

  • $50 Smart Plan – Unlimited talk and text with 1 GB/month of full-speed data
  • $60 Smart Plan – Unlimited talk and text with 2.5 GB/month of full-speed data
  • $70 Smart Plan – Unlimited talk and text with 5 GB/month of full-speed data
  • $55 Iphone plan – Unlimited talk and text with 2.5 GB of data

Muve Music:

Cricket is the first provider to offer unlimited music as part of their wireless plan with Muve Music, a music service designed to be used on your phone. The monthly charge includes unlimited access, so there is no per-song charge. Songs are stored locally on the phone and automatically backed up so you don’t lose your collection if you lose your phone.

Muve is integrated into the phone operating system, which means it’s not available on every phone. You have to get a specific Muve-enabled phone.

Muve Music Plans

All the Muve Music Plans are similar to smartphone plans. They include unlimited talk/text/data, but also have unlimited song downloads, ringtones and ringback tones.

  • $50 Android Muve Music Plan: 1GB data
  • $60 Android Muve Music Plan: 2.5 GB data
  • $70 Android Muve Music Plan: 5 GB data

Data refers to full-speed access. Once a customer hits that limit, speeds will be throttled.

Cricket PAYGo

Cricket also has a pay-as-you-go plan for people that don’t want a monthly bill. That way, customers can choose exactly what they want and pay ahead of time. They also offer a “Top-Up” function to automatically add funds to your account every month, making service always available.

Plans includes nationwide talk, text and data with the standard features like callwaiting/caller ID/3-way calling:

  • 300 Minutes: $25/month
  • 1000 minutes: $35/month
  • 1000 minutes plus ringtones, song downloads, and ringback tones: $45/month
  • Unlimited minutes plus Muve: $50/month
  • Unlimited minutes with Muve and unlimited international text/talk: $60 month

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