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Cruzio provides Internet and data services for residential and business customers in Santa Cruz county. Founded by Peggy Dolganos and Chris Neklason in 1989, Cruzio is thelargest and oldest ISP in the Santa Cruz area.

They offer help in Spanish and English, have over 9,000 customers and frequently win local polls for their exceptional services. They offer a colocation data center, classes, website hosting, DSL Internet, a virtual private server, wireless setup, a fiber optics network and tech support.

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Cruzio offers Internet access with ADSL2+ technology for faster speeds. Here are their current Internet plans for customers, all of which require a phone line:

  • 1.5: 1.5 Mbps download speed and 128-256 Kbps upload
  • 3.0: 3.0 mbps download speed and 384-512 kbps upload
  • 6.0: 6.0 mbps download and 512-768 kbps upload.

Velocity (Internet And Phone)

Since DSL technology runs through the phone service infrastructure, Cruzio offers deals for phone and Internet services through the Velocity brand with no contracts or cancellations fees.

  • Velocity V20: 20 Mbps download speed, 6 email addresses and 5 GB of storage for $49.95/month.
  • Velocity V40: All the features of V20 with 40 Mbps download speeds and 2 phones lines for $79.97/month.

Velocity packages come with Fusion phone, a traditional line with unlimited local and nationwide calling, plus the usual features like 3-way calling, caller id, etc.

For businesses that require a little more engine under the hood, Cruzio offers Enterprise Internet. This “business grade” fiber optic network starts at $99/month for a 10 Mbps symmetrical connection, and goes all the way up to 1 Gbps for $1999/month.


Cruzioworks is a rentable workspace in the company’s high-tech eco-friendly offices in downtown Santa Cruz. Customers can rent cubicles, meeting rooms, offices, classrooms and event space.

Facility perks include a kitchen, parking, a free 100 Mbps WiFi connection, a 10 GB fiber optic Internet network, free listing on the Cruzio website and a discount on other Cruzio services.

Colocation Services

Colocation Services are available from a data center in downtown Santa Cruz so customers don’t have to keep their servers on site. They offer avariety of customizable plans with various cabinet sizes, bandwidths and IP addresses.

Plans also include membership to Cruzioworks, free setup and a discounted first month of service. The network connects to providers in San Jose via a 10 Gbps fiber optic connection for quick service and redundancy for 100 percent uptime.


For techies that want more control with scalable and customizable options that include full root access, a Virtual Private Server is available for $30 to $150 bucks a month.

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Web Hosting

Available Internet services also include three different packages for site hosting with increasing amounts of web space, available domain names and bandwidth. The three packages are:

  • Website Basic: $10.95/month that includes 500MB of mailbox space and 50GB bandwidth.
  • Website Plus: $19.95/month with 2GB mailbox space, 150 GB bandwidth and 40 applications like Wordpress and Media Wiki.
  • Website Premium: $29.95/month with 6GB mailbox space, 200 GB bandwidth, 6 domain names and optional ecommerce upgrade.
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