Fairpoint Communications


Fairpoint Communications provides high-speed Internet, voice service and TV in 18 states to residential and business customers. Service is available in locations across the county, with many customers focused in the New England area.

Founded in 1993, they are headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, and have roughly 3,400 employees.

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Internet plans are for DSL service. Even though DSL typically requires phone service, they also offer stand-alone plans for people without a phone plan.

Here are the typical plans offered (not all plans available at certain locations):

  • Starter: The introductory plan has 768 kbps download speed and 128 kbps upload for $20.99
  • Standard: 3 Mbps download speed and 128 kbps upload for $35.99
  • Premium: 7 Mbps download and 768 kbps upload for $39.99
  • Ultra: 15 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload for $49.99
  • FastSM Internet: This is their fiber optic plan, featuring 30 Mbps download speed and 15 Mbps upload

Fairpoint also offers bundled plans. The DoublePoint bundle includes phone and either TV or Internet service. TriplePoint bundle includes all three.

Features included with Internet plans are:

  • Free modem with any plan
  • Free wireless router with the Premium or Ultra plan
  • 3GB of online storage with smartphone access
  • Up to 9 email accounts

Free security suite with plans above Starter that includes a privacy manager, parental controls, firewall and spyware, fraud and virus protection.

  • For an extra cost, customers get access to hundreds of games for all ages through Games on Demand.
  • Optional terabyte of backup storage for a small monthly fee


Fairpoint Communications has approximately 1.3 million access lines, making them the 8th largest wireline provider in the country with various in-state, local and long distance calling.

Phone plans include:

  • Exchange Value/Exchange Select: Unlimited calling throughout the country and its territories
  • Exchange Essentials/Premium: Unlimited calling with the usual features like voicemail, caller ID and 3-way calling


TV services are offered through Fairpoint’s partnership with DirectTV, with a variety of packages that include:

  • Choice Package: 150 channels that includes sports, music, and movies
  • Choice Xtra Package: 210 channels and family programming
  • Premier Package: Includes over 285 channels with 31 movie channels, 65 music channels and pay-per-view movies

Subscribers can also add premium packages like the HBO package, Starz pack or the Sports package, which adds a selection of specialty sports channels.

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Business Solutions

Many of the offerings available to residential customers are also available with the same features to small businesses. Fairpoint also offers a variety of data and communications solutions for large enterprises.

VantagePoint is Fairpoint’s flexible data network that includes a variety of broadband solutions. Their Ethernet services include E-LAN, E-DIA and E-LINE, which offer dedicated and private high-speed connectionsbetween locations, with speeds between 1 Mbps and 1 Gbps. E-LINE is a private line connecting multiple business locations, E-LAN connects LANs from different locations and E-DIA is dedicated Internet access.

Similar data solutions include Intellibeam Broadband Transport, which is a fiber-based transmission service, and TransConnect LAN Service, which connects LANs with through a fiber network. These services are run on SONET (Synchronous Optical Network), the “network backbone” that handles all data, video and voice.

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