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Fiberpipe specializes in Internet and IT solutions for customers in Wyoming. Fiberpipe delivers dial-up, wireless, and DSL services.


Offering Windows XP Dial-Up, Windows 2000 Dial-Up, and a X5Stream Dial Accelerator, Fiberpipe is a great solution for Wyoming's dial-up customers. Dial-up users that need a little extra speed can get it with X5Stream Dial Accelerator. Fiberpipe has a partnership with SlipStream Inc. that helps deliver an accelerated connection through proprietary optimizations such as content caching, and text and image compression. It does not speed up file downloads or audio/video streaming, but it makes email traffic and Internet browsing faster by compressing flash content, text, and images no matter what Internet browser or operating system you use. Virus protection and spam filters are also included with service so you can surf the web with confidence. Fiberpipe also offers DSL service and wireless access in certain areas. SEE ALSO: Best Alternatives To Dial-Up Internet

Web Hosting

  • cPanel Hosting: Offered in three different packages, cPanel hosting is for customers that need a little more under the hood. This program is a graphic web-based control panel that helps you manage your website with ease. It aids in managing site files, creating databases, and setting up email accounts.
  • All plans have a $50 set up fee and cost an extra six dollars for a non-internet account


Fiberpipe offers five web hosting plans for existing wireless and dial-up customers. Each package has start up fee of $50.
  • Basic Plan: Includes 50 MB of storage, FTP access, Front Page support, and 10 email addresses.
  • Premium Plan: Includes 100 MB of storage, FTP access, Front Page support, an e-commerce site that allows 200 products, and 25 email addresses.
  • Gold Plan: Includes 150 MB of storage, FTP access, Front Page support, an e-commerce site that allows 500 products, and 50 email addresses.
  • Platinum Plan: Includes 600 MB of storage, FTP access, Front Page support, an e-commerce site that allows 1000 products, and 100 email addresses.
  • Enterprise Plan: This top level plan features 800 MB of storage, FTP access, Front Page support, 200 addresses, and an e-commerce site that allows 3000 products.
cPanel Hosting plans include:
  • The Lite Plan includes 250 MB of storage space, 25 GB bandwidth, and 5 email accounts.
  • The Basic Plan has 1 GB of storage, 75 GB bandwidth, and 10 email addresses.
  • BizBasic has 3 GB of storage, 125 GB bandwidth, and 25 email accounts.
All of the cPanel plans have a one-click install option for various popular packages such as Wordpress and include MySQL, php, and Perl for developing websites. SEE ALSO: Wireless ISPs Vs. Standard ISPs

Other Features

Fiberpipe also has paging services available in six states: Colorado, Montana, Nebraska, South Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming. Plans start at $10 per month and include features such as alpha dispatch, email, and greetings. Customers can even install the program SNPP on a computer, which enables alpha numeric messages. They also have an alpha dispatch service, which substitutes an answering machine for a live person.
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Updated on: November 10, 2015

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