4 Steps To Get The Lowest Price On Internet


Times are tough and looking at your Internet bill each month can be a painful reminder of how much is leaving your bank account. Fortunately, you can fight back and reduce the price of your Internet with a little knowledge and a couple phone calls.Here are our four steps to getting the lowest price on internet. SEE ALSO: How To Find The Best ISP For Online Gaming

1. Know What You Need

In order to get the lowest prices you’ll need to shop around. But before you shop around you should already have an idea of what you need. There are a lot of options out there for service: dial-up, cable, DSL, and fiber optic are the most popular. Knowing how fast you want your internet to be will be vital to get fairly priced internet. What happens if you can get a great deal on a bundle? Will you be willing to pay more? What’s your budget each month for service? How much can you afford? Do you need blazing fast Internet or are you a more casual surfer and can make do with dial-up? You don’t want to overbuy for your needs. Knowing exactly what you need will make the whole process easier, so when you’re negotiating with a company rep, you can ask better questions.

2. Do Some Research

Pay attention to your bill. Has the provider made a mistake? Are they charging you for equipment rental? Maybe you can save money by buying your own modem or router. There are several sites that will locate ISPs by area. Take a few minutes to see what’s available in your neighborhood and what they offer. Depending on where you live, you might have five different companies that offer everything from DSL to fiber optic, or you may only have one dial-up provider. Start saving mailers and ads you’ve been seeing. Check online forums and consumer reports to see what kinds of deals other customers have gotten. It will give you a good starting place when you need to make a deal.

3. Bundle

Larger providers offer TV, phone, and Internet, and some a combination of the three. Most will offer a better deal when bundling services. Some ISPs (typically in rural areas) will give you a huge price break if you agree to prepay for services. Socket Internet in Missouri, for example, will cut your annual bill if you prepay for the entire year. SEE ALSO: Everything You Need To Know About Internet Based TV

4. Negotiate And Re-Negotiate

Try contacting the company you’re interested in via different methods, such as chat, website, or phone. Don’t be afraid to call and then try back later if you don’t get the deal you want. Some sales associates are friendlier than others. Get a quote from an ISP and then take that price to competitors to see if they’ll match it. Ask about any current deals and promotions they might be offering. What will the total cost be each month with taxes? Generally providers will offer one price for the first six months of service and then jack it up after the introductory period is over. As soon as that promotional period is over, call them back and re-negotiate. If you’ve been a loyal customer for a few years, ask them why they treat other customers better than you. Call them up and ask to be transferred to the retention department, then threaten to leave and move to another company that will offer a better price.
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Updated on: November 10, 2015

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