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History of Haefele TV Inc.

Since 1983, Haefele TV Inc. has been providing cable service in upstate New York, growing to serve over 5,000 customers in Barton, Candor, Berkshire, Bradford, Burdett, Caroline, Catharine, Cayuta, Enfield, Greene, Hector, Harford, Milo, Newark Valley, Orange, Reading, Richford, Smithville, Spencer, Tioga, Van Etten, and Virgil.

Haefele maintains staff to do its own network construction and expansion and this local company also does its own service calls. For high speed Internet and bundles with Haefele, here are some packages you can expect.

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Haefele TV offers three Internet packages that vary in price and speed, including:

  • MiniRocket: $44.50 per month, with 1 Mbps download and 384 Kbps upload speeds and 50 GB of monthly data, perfect for basic Internet use and email
  • CableRocket: $51.95 per month, with 7 Mbps download and 512 Kbps upload speeds and 200 GB of monthly data
  • SuperRocket: $61.95 per month, with 10 Mbps download and 1.5 Mbps upload speeds and 250 GB of monthly data, good for streaming video and heavier Internet use


Haefele TV bundles its popular high speed Internet, cable television, and home phone options to save consumers up to $540 per year off standard retail prices. Their bundles include:

  • Triple Advantage: $99.95 per month, includes basic cable with 125 channels, CableRocket Internet with speeds up to 7Mbps and 200 GB of monthly data, and digital phone with 5,000 minutes of local or long distance calling. This package saves over $45 every month off the standard rates.
  • TV & Internet: $90.40 per month, includes basic cable with 125 channels and CableRocket Internet with speeds up to 7Mbps and 200 GB monthly data. This package saves about $10 per month off the standard rates.
  • Internet & Phone: $71.90 per month, includes CableRocket Internet with speeds up to 7Mbps and 200 GB monthly data and phone with 5000 local or long distance. This package saves $25 from the regular monthly rate.
  • Economy Bundle: $59.90 per month, includes MiniRocket Internet and Lifeline basic cable. This package saves $10 a month from the standard monthly rates.

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Any package can be customized with several key add-ons. You can add bandwidth upgrades starting at $10 for 20 GB additional data per month. If you need a modem, you can purchase a new modem ($39) or used modem ($25), or rent a modem from Haefele for $6.95 per month.

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Updated on: November 10, 2015

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