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Hawaii Online: A Clear Choice In Hawaii

Hawaii Online bills itself as Hawaii’s “first and longest-running Internet Service Provider.” They offer an array of services, such as voice over Internet protocol (VoIP), dial-up Internet access, wireless broadband and broadband DSL, amongst other related services. Hawaii Online is a subsidiary company of Wavecom Solutions Corp., which was founded in Honolulu in 2001. Hawaiian Telcom Inc. purchased Wavecom in July of 2012. SEE ALSO: DSL Internet


The partnership between Hawaii Online and Wavecom Solutions provides Hawaii Online customers with a proclaimed six-Island sub-sea and terrestrial fiber network. The company provides services to both residential and business customers. It also broadens the services that Hawaii Online is able to offer, through partnerships with other Wavecom sister companies.


VoIP is available to Hawaii Online customers through 808NetFone. VoIP is basically Internet phone. With Hawaii Online’s VoIP service, you connect a regular phone to a converter that changes your analog voice into a digital signal, and then sends that signal out over your broadband connection, which is required for this type of service. There are some drawbacks to using VoIP, so read the Terms and Conditions in your contract carefully. Hawaii Online’s VoIP does not allow users to place traditional 911 calls. Upon dialing 911, instead of being connected to the traditional emergency responder, VoIP users will be reach either a Public Safety Answering Point or a specially designated wireless emergency center. Also, VoIP will not work during power outages. Still, it is popular phone option which many small businesses use, and is also provided to Hawaii Online’s residential customers. SEE ALSO: VOIP Vs. Home Phone


  • DSL: Hawaii Online offers DSL broadband Internet with the services that Internet customers have come to expect from their providers, including web hosting, e-mail, domain registration and dial-up access. Their e-mail service offers up to 5GB of storage, ssl encryption for a more secure experience and a choice of 20 domain names. This high-speed Internet option will be sufficient for most residential users and small businesses.
  • Wireless Broadband: Also available in limited service areas is what Hawaii Online calls “wireless broadband”. This may sound like other wireless Internet options such as WiMax, LTE, 3G and 4G. It is not. This is more of a satellite Internet service. Hawaii Online attaches an antenna to your home, which you connect to your computer or a wireless router through an Ethernet line for speeds that are claimed to be comparable to DSL or cable. While the set-up fee and monthly payments are much more expensive than DSL, this could be an excellent choice for you if your home or business doesn’t have access to other broadband options.
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Updated on: November 10, 2015

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