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Kudoso: The Easy Way To Manage Your Kid’s Internet Use

With the Internet of Things growing almost daily, it’s becoming harder and harder for parents to monitor their kids internet usage. Discipline can only go so far, and internet-enabled devices are so common, we tend to forget just how many we have. According to The NPD Group, the average number of internet-enabled devices in a US Household today is 5.7. So, how do you control all of the devices your kids might be using?

Enter Kudoso, a device designed to monitor and manage your children’s internet access. With Kudoso, your children will have to complete chores, exercise, or watch educational videos in order to unlock time on the internet.

“Existing solutions are based on a control model that is not only ineffective in managing the many devices in our homes, but also jeopardizes the relationships we have with our children by punishing them,” the company proclaimed on their Kickstarter page. Kudoso is different in that it rewards children for the tasks they complete rather than punishing them for the tasks they do not perform. "We looked around at a bunch of different products [...] and none of them really fit the bill because they were in that punishment model, preventing access, versus teaching [children] life skills" Rob Irizarry, founder of Kudoso, told us in an exclusive interview.

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Installing Kudoso is easy—all you need to do is plug it into your WiFi router using an Ethernet cable and log on to to begin regulating internet access. The rest of the installation process only takes 15-20 minutes and mostly consists of regulating content. You can choose what type of content each of your children can view and set up rewards that grant them more access to the content they want, based on the tasks they complete. "Parents actually manually verify that [the task] is done," Irizarry said, "you can do it via your mobile phone, walk around the house, [and] verify that they made their bed."

In addition to adding personalized tasks onto Kudoso's list for your children to complete, you can choose a video from the free educational content provided by Khan Academy. Your child will need to complete watching the video in order to earn credit, Irizarry informed us. Kudoso also hopes to incorporate fitness tracker Fitbit® into the system, so children can also be rewarded for outdoor activities.

Kudoso uses gamification methods to get your children interested. Children can earn points to use towards purchasing different privileges on the internet. You can easily manage the tasks your children can complete, as well as their point value, from your computer or smart phone.

Best of all, Kudoso is safe. "That's one of the reasons we decided to go with a hardware solution, [...] though it involves a little more work on the parent's side," Irizarry told us. For example, "unless you specifically approve, [...] it can't come through into the house." In that way, Kudoso adds another level of security to your internet router. All you need to do is make sure that the router is placed in an area that your kids cannot access.


Version one of Kudoso is already in beta testing. The Kickstarter campaign is funding a second, more refined version. Packages for version two of Kudoso include:

  • $89 for Kudoso’s version two firmware and a lifetime license to kudoso’s software, which is compatible with select routers
  • $119 for everything in the above package plus Kudoso’s hardware
  • $149 for the same benefits of the above package for late adopters
  • $599 for an invitation to suggest new developments to Kudoso’s software
  • $5,000+: An invitation to visit Kudoso at their headquarters in Bozeman, MT

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The Internet And Your Family

Controlling the unruly beast that is the internet can seem difficult. With so many WiFi-enabled devices out there, it might seem impossible to monitor all of your children’s internet usage. Kudoso makes it easy to keep your family on track. With rewards-based internet access through Kudoso, you can stay ahead of the internet usage game.

As the Internet of Things grows, so does our ability to monitor it. Monitor your children’s internet access. Doing so could make a world of difference.

If you are interested in Kudoso, Irizarry urges you to visit Kudoso's website, and fill out the content form if you have any questions.

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Updated on: January 05, 2017

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