MetroNet Fiber Optic Internet In Indiana


MetroNet Promises Speed

In response to the public demand for faster speeds, Metronet offers fiber optic Internet, a way to get online faster than any cable or DSL connection. Stationed in Evansville, Indiana, Metronet has been connecting customers to the worldwide web since the completion of its first fiber optic network in 2005. Metronet works locally and focuses on upgrading online speeds in Indiana.

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Fiber Optic

As of now, Metronet offers its services in Indiana to Connersville, Franklin, Greencastle, Huntington, Lafayette, Lebanon, Madison, New Castle, North Manchester, North Vernon, Seymour, Vincennes, and Wabash. Because fiber optic Internet is relatively new, fiber optic networks need to be built and installed into the ground. These networks are made of thousands of thin glass wires, and are capable of transferring more data over longer distances.

Metronet boasts download speeds up to 300Mbps, and upload speeds up to 25Mbps. Dial-up, cable, or DSL connections cannot reach these speeds. Along with quick connections, customers get:

  • 24/7 Speed Consistency
  • Online Support
  • Free Wireless Networking


Customers can access their Metronet email accounts from any device connected to the Internet via the online portal. With Metronet, you get seven email addresses, and 6Gb of storage. To keep your inboxes tidy, Metronet email comes equipped with a series of filters that weed out spam. If you find yourself not checking your Metronet email, then you can set up POP forwarding to have your emails sent to another account.


As Metronet continues to branch out its fiber optic network, the rate of your Internet plan will depend on your location. Wherever you are, you can choose between two guaranteed speeds:

  • 30Mbps Download/15Mbps Upload
  • 50Mbps Download/25Mbps Upload

When considering Metronet, take a note that Metronet rewards its customers for loyalty. Fiber optic networks can also be used for cable TV and phone services as well. If you choose to use Metronet for all of your communication needs, consider bundling services for added savings.

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Surfing the web with Metronet promises you one thing: speed. Download speeds start at 30Mbps, and can reach as fast as 300Mbps. In these circumstances, you can:

  • Connect More Devices: Desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones can all stay connected at the same time without slowing down. With this much bandwidth, you can also set up a reliable guest WiFi for visitors.
  • Fast Gaming: Gamers don’t need to worry about lag.
  • Two-Way Speed: Upload speeds best determine how fast your Internet is, so Metronet tries to match upload and download speeds.
  • Instant Downloads: Download full-length movies in less than two minutes.
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Updated on: November 10, 2015

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