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Ranked AAA by the better Business Bureau, Millennium Media Internet Inc. (MM Internet) serves its customers in the Long Beach, California area with a commitment to customer driven technology solutions. Since 1996, MM Internet has been a leader in quality and cost effective Internet solutions in southern California, offering a range of Internet speeds and price points for any and all businesses. SEE ALSO: Bundling Services: How To Get The Best Deal


MM Internet offers two methods for getting their service:
  • Fiber Optic: MM Internet’s fiber optic Internet is “mind blowingly fast,” offering network speeds of up to 1Gbps. These blazing speeds come complete with business class service, offering a customer satisfaction guarantee, onsite setup, and quality service and support.
  • T1: With T1, you’re guaranteed high speeds at a great price with business class service from MM Internet. Their T1 service is backed up, so lines will never go down, with static IPs just for your business. Plus, with speeds of up to 1.5Mbps, your business will be uploading and downloading video heavy presentations in no time.


For Verizon customers, MM Internet can install a DSL line with prices and speeds to suit your business. Here are some of their DSL options, all of which include set-up fees and a DSL modem:
  • Bronze Plus: $52.95 per month, with 768K/128K download/upload speeds
  • Enhanced Bronze Plus: $59.99 per month, with 1.5M/128K download/upload speeds
  • Silver Plus: $89.99 per month, with 1.5M/384K download/upload speeds
  • Platinum: $149 per month, with 3.0M/768K download/upload speeds
  • Titanium: $250 per month, with 7.1M/768K download/upload speeds, by far the fastest DSL option available to keep your business online at all times.
You can add on additional IP addresses ($3/month), email ($2/month), or subnet ($100 set-up and $35/month) for additional fees. SEE ALSO: DSL Internet

Web Hosting

MM Internet also offers web hosting for $19.95 per month or $179 per year, which includes your own domain name, unlimited disk space, and up to two million hits worth of bandwidth. Of course you’ll get web statistics, your choice of access servers, and MM’s customized support as well. For small businesses in southern California, MM Internet is a proven choice; customers rave about the personalized service, friendly communication, and unmatched quality of service.
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Updated on: November 10, 2015

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