Northland Communications


Northland Communications was founded in 1981 with a commitment to the communities they serve. Since, they have developed into one of the Orlando area’s premier communication companies, providing an extensive fiber optic network to its clients and becoming an industry leader in their field.

They offer high speed Internet, digital phone lines and cable television for both residential and business clients in central Florida. 

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Northland Communications has four different Internet options priced for any budget:

  • TurboPower Usage Discount: $34.99 per month. If you can commit to using less than 2.5GB of bandwidth per month, this package is for you. It is best for basic Web usage, with speeds up to 6Mbps.
  • TurboPower: $39.99 per month. Similar to the above package, but with no usage restrictions. Speeds of up to 6Mbps with no bandwidth limits.
  • Turbo Premier: $49.99 per month. With speeds twice as fast as the TurboPower package, you can download a 2GB movie file in only 20 minutes. This package is good for gaming, streaming, and downloading, in addition to regular web use.
  • Turbo Premier Plus: $59.99 per month. At 24Mbps, this is the package you need if you require speed. Download songs in seconds, or stream HD video without a buffer.


Unlimited local home phone is available on its own for $31.99 per month.


Cable is available from Northland Communications for between $29.99 and $47.24 per month, with a six month contract, depending on variety of channels and HD requested.

Roku or TiVo can be added to your Northland Communications service for $3.99 and $13.95 per month, respectively, to watch and record shows on your own schedule.

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  • Triple Play: $94 per month with a contract, $99 without. This package comes with high speed Internet (up to 6Mbps), basic cable, and unlimited local calling. You can upgrade to turbo speed Internet, add additional channels, or to unlimited long distance for $10 more per month (phone is $5.99 per month).
  • Surf and Talk: $64.29 per month with no contract. This package pairs Internet up to 6Mbps with unlimited calling with no contract. You can save even more by committing to less Internet - with a 2.5GB monthly bandwidth cap, you can pay $49.99, with a two year contract or $59.99 without.
  • Invi TV: $69.99 per month, with a six month contract. This packages gives you unlimited high speed Internet alongside HD television with movies, shows and sports. You can upgrade to more TV channels or faster Internet for $10 more each per month.
  • Watch and Talk: $61.68 per month, with a six month contract. This package gives you basic television and unlimited local calls. Upgrade to Deluxe TV or unlimited long distance for $10 or $5.99 per month extra.

Business Services

High speed Internet, cable television, and digital phone lines can be ordered for businesses in similar packages to the residential services. Northland Communications also provides advertising space for businesses on its networks.

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Updated on: November 10, 2015

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