NuVox Communications


History of NuVox Communications

NuVox Communications began operations in 1999 in Springfield, Missouri, and rapidly expanded to cover 13 states in the Midwest and South.

In 2010, NuVox was acquired by Windstream Communications, the ninth largest telecommunications provider in the United States, who currently provides Internet, telephone, and managing services to former NuVox customers across the US.

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Windstream uses high speed DSL to provide Internet. This high speed option is channeled through existing telephone lines, but will not tie them up like traditional dial-up. Here are some of their packages:

  • 3 Mbps: Basic Internet, good for browsing the web and checking email.

  • 6 Mbps: The most popular plan offered by Windstream, with speeds powerful enough to stream movies, download music or play games online.

  • 12 Mbps: This fast plan is great for customers who want to use multiple computers, download or upload large files quickly, or stream HD video without buffering.


Currently, Windstream partners with DISH network to provide high quality satellite television to its customers.


Customers can bundle services to save big on their monthly bill from Windstream with several convenient packages. Windstream frequently offers first time discounts that can knock the price down significantly as well. Here are a few options:

  • High speed Internet and Phone: $49.99 per month, lifetime rate, with up to 3Mbps bandwidth
  • High speed Internet and Phone Plus: $54.99 per month, with up to 6Mbps bandwidth
  • High speed Internet and Phone Flash: $54.99 per month, with up to 12Mbps bandwidth

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  • For small businesses, try the unlimited VoIP, high speed Internet and website design and hosting bundle. These imperative services are packaged together at $129.99 per month.
  • Windstream adds in other security features, like McAfee Virus Protection, as necessary for your home or business.

Customers of NuVox can be sure they're getting the same value and opportunities as members of the new Windstream.

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Updated on: November 10, 2015

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