How To Search The Internet Beyond Google


Why Deep Search Engines Are Necessary

There is way more to the Web than what you can find on Google. Yes, even more than on Bing and Yahoo, too. In fact, you may have already have had trouble finding answers to specific queries using these sites.

Simply put, that’s because they are not the all-seeing, all-knowing, Web crawling gurus they would have you believe, and it is estimated that these big search engines are only looking at 16-20% of the Web. For the other 80%, it pays to look a little deeper.

The part of the Web that many search engines can’t see is called the Invisible or Deep Web. These pages are inaccessible due to passwords, being too new, or requiring more information than a search engine can provide. Luckily, with a little know how, you can still search them.

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General Searches

For general searches, you can try search engines that look like what you are used to, but go a little deeper. Try:

  • Internet Archive: Gives you access to the WayBack Machine, which is the archival home of billions of old pages, plus access to music, movies, and other media
  • Clutsy: Similar to Google, this meta search engine will give you top results from other search engines
  • Intute: Maintained by universities in the UK, this resource is monitored by subject specialists for accurate information

More Specific

 If you have a specific topic, you can search databases in that area for targeted results. Art, science, government resources and even flight information have their own databases that bring results the big guns of search can’t.

  • For health and medicine information, try PubMed which houses all citations from the US Library of Medicine.
  • The Library of Congress keeps millions of fully searchable, full text items available on its digital collections site; most libraries and museums will have similar search features that open up their collections to you directly.
  • If you’re worried about missing a flight, try FlightAware to see real time tracking, statistics, and averages.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of deep search engines, but you can find much more by looking beyond Google. If you need more information and not just a hard and fast search, trying these databases can be a miracle. And you didn’t even have to Ask Jeeves.

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Updated on: November 10, 2015

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