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If you're looking for analternative to the big Internet providers in theCalifornia Bay Area, you can't do better than Grown by word-of-mouth from a computer group at the Santa Rosca Junior College library, provides the Santa Rosa area with fast connections and a celebrated commitment to privacy rights.

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The Service offers three types of connections: Home, Small Business and Enterprise.

For home, they offer Fusion. This is available as an Internet package or bundled with phone service. This connection offers:

  • Download speeds of up to 20 Mbps, and upload speeds of up to 2.5 Mbps.

  • Free web hosting with 1GB of bandwidth per month

  • A static IP address

  • Up to 15 email addresses with 1GB of storage each, and additional disk storage

Their Small Business service is a step up in connection speed, offering two business phone lines and more features:

  • Download speeds of up to 40 Mbps, with upload speeds of up to 5 Mbps

  • A free web domain with hosting and 1GB of bandwidth per month

  • Static IP addresses, starting at $10 per month for one IP, up to eight bridged static IP addresses for $40 per month

  • Up to 15 email addresses with 1GB of storage each, and additional disk storage

For the bigger business or corporate customer, their Enterprise hosting offers high speed Internet with even more features, larger-scale hosting and other business features.

In addition to their current network, is building a new, superfast gigabit fiber optic network to bring better, faster connections throughout the area.

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Northern California has always been at the forefront of the computer world. Keeping with this tradition, offers some of the best privacy features of any ISP in the country. The Electronic Frontier Foundation gave them high marks in every category in their recent survey on Internet providers and privacy, making them the first company ever to do so well.

The EFF even went so far as to call,  “A model of an ISP that stands up for users. “

How did they earn this praise? By maintaining a commitment to privacythat would be hard to beat:

  • When authorities began requesting customers' personal data at an alarming rate, changed their policy so that they never store information for more than two weeks.

  • When the Department of Justice subpoenaed for the emails of Wikileaks supporter and Internet privacy activist Jacob Appelbaum, fought the order. Even knowing it would be expensive, they took a stand and fought for privacy rights.

  • They are refusing to participate in the new “six strikes” rule that would require ISP companies to monitor customers' activity to look for illegal downloads. They believe in their customers' rights to privacy.

The Bottom Line

Even though their service area is small, their speed, service, and commitment to privacy makes a great choice for anyone living in the Santa Rosa area.

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Updated on: November 10, 2015

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