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Sprint Nextel is a communications services company that provides wireline and wireless transmissions services to over 56 million customers in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Sprint was founded in 1899 by Cleyson Brown, while Nextel was started in 1987 by Morgan O’Brien, and originally named Fleet Net. The two companies merged in 2005.

Sprint Nextel was the first national carrier to offer 4G network service, one of Newsweek's greenest companies, number one in customer satisfaction by The American Customer Satisfaction Index and ranked as the “Highest in Satisfaction with the Purchase Experience among Full-Service Wireless Providers” by J.D. Power and Associates, three times in a row.

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Sprint is the third largest wireless company in the U.S., based on revenue. They primarily use a 3G CDMA network, but are also a reseller of 4G network services, via Clearwire and its Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX) technology. They offer unlimited data and messaging through the Simply Everything and Everything Data plans. Some of the other features included with wireless plans are:

  • Direct Connect: Sprint Direct Connect is the company’s next generation of push-to-talk technology. The one-to-one connection now has three times the coverage of Nextel Direct Connect.
  • GPS: GPS Navigation service provides turn-by-turn directions, auto rerouting, traffic alerts and trip planning.
  • Sprint TV: Sprint TV is a free service for customers, with a data plan that lets them watch 15 popular channels filled with sports, news and primetime shows. Many other packages are available for an extra cost.

Prepaid Services Brands

Sprint offers prepaid plans for specific consumer segments through these brands:

  • Virgin Mobile USA: Virgin Mobile serves customers that are more data and device oriented with no-contract plans. It features Beyond Talk plans that include unlimited data, messaging, and email with some talk minutes.
  • Boost Mobile: Boost Mobile offers wireless phone services nationwide, with no contract or activation fees on Sprint’s network. This brand is aimed at customers that are more concerned with talking and texting than data services. They have a pay-as-you-go plan and unlimited daily and monthly plans. It also features “Shrinkage Payments” for loyal customers. This means bills are reduced $5/month after six on-time payments.
  • Assurance Wireless: Assurance Wireless is supported by the federal Universal Service Fund, and provides a free phone with 250 free minutes and 250 free texts each month to qualifying customers. People may be eligible if they also receive Food Stamps or Medicaid.

Wireline Services

Sprint offers wireline voice communications to various residential and business customers, via multiprotocol label switching technologies (MPLS, IP services like VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and SIP (Session Initiated Protocol).

They also make an effort to integrate wireline and wireless services with the Sprint Mobile Integration service that lets customers use a wireless handset as part of the wireline network.

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