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Summit Broadband operates communications services out of the Orlando, Florida area. They offer HD television, digital phones, and high speed Internet over a fiber optic line that provides speeds over six times as fast as cable. To see if Summit Broadband is right for you, read about their specific service details below.

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Internet Options

  • 10Mbps: This is a great starter package, or for someone who just wants to check email. These slow speeds are fine for basic use but won’t be much help in advanced video streaming, downloading or gaming.
  • 15Mbps: Great for chatting, e-mail, and sharing photos, but not an ideal speed for downloading music, streaming video, or heavy game play.
  • 25Mbps: This is the mid-range Internet option from Summit Broadband and it is great for checking email, sharing photos and downloading music. You can stream video on it, but it might take time to buffer.
  • 50Mbps: This is a great option if you do not like to wait. With 50Mbps, you will be able to play games or stream video without much delay.
  • 100Mbps: This is the best option for playing video games, streaming high definition video, or doing both at once. You will be able to download large files in an instant, as well as easily access regular Internet activities like checking email and looking at pictures.


Summit Broadband offers hundreds of HD cable channels and movie packages to suit your television needs.


Unlimited local and long distance calling on a high tech digital phone package.


Bundling up services with Summit Broadband can save you up to 49% on your cable, Internet and phone bill every month. Summit offers variously priced packages that can expand your services and shrink your bill.

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Business Services

Summit Broadband offers high speed Internet up to 10Gbps for its business customers at over 6x the speed of cable, as well as digital phone lines and HD television. Similar to residential customers, these services can be packaged for better deals.

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Updated on: November 10, 2015

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