Top 5 Cities With The Fastest Internet In The US


Want The Fastest Internet In The US? Move To One Of These 5 Cities

As the Internet of Things grows in capacity, so does its influence over our every waking moment. We stay connected almost all the time throughout the day. Even when we sleep, the internet is working (and even waking us up in the middle of the night). But, to accomplish all it needs to do, the internet needs a speedy connection. That’s probably why a new report from the London School of Economics and the Imperial College Business School shows that homeowners in London are willing to pay over eight percent more than market value for faster internet speeds in a home. Across the United Kingdom, property values increase about three percent when internet speed doubles. Now, a lot goes into selling a home. People paint their walls, fix anything even mildly broken, and get new appliances to make their home more enticing for new home buyers. This discovery might lead to a different way of going about making your home sellable: boosting your internet speed. While that task is easier across the pond—there is more competitiveness between companies—simply purchasing a higher internet plan might boost curb appeal in the US of A. On the other hand, if you are looking to move to a new area, you might want to keep in mind internet speed as a factor. The faster the internet, the more you home will ultimately be worth. Here are the top five cities with the fastest internet in the US.

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Ephrata WA has the fastest internet in the us

1. Ephrata, Washington

  • Internet Download Speed(Ookla): 178.58 Mbps
  • Average Home Listing Price (Trulia): $214,536
The small town of Ephrata, Washington has the fastest internet in the country, according to Ookla. But with only 7,916 residents, there are not many people who partake in such fast speeds. Named after the ancient name of the town of Bethlehem, Ephrata is a pretty laid back town. In terms of fame, they had a big lottery winner and a part of Stephen Spielberg’s film Always was filmed there. So if you want to move away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, but don’t want to forfeit awesome internet speed, Ephrata is a great choice for you. Provo UT has the second fastest internet in the us

2. Provo, Utah

  • Internet Download Speed: 151.23 Mbps
  • Average Home Listing Price: $421,712
Named one of CNN’s 10 fastest growing US cities, Provo is also home to two big universities: Brigham Young University and Utah Valley University. Even with 115,909 residents, Provo manages speeds that are over five times faster than what’s experienced in the rest of America. Provo also has an unemployment rate that is under half of the national average (2.9%, compared to 6.2% nationally). Contrary to its internet speeds, though, Provo’s home value has gone down and will continue to go down, according to Zillow. So, internet isn’t everything, but it’s definitely a bonus. Kansas city KS has the third fastest internet in the us

3. Kansas City, Kansas

  • Internet Download Speed: 122.04 Mbps
  • Average Home Listing Price: $119,457
The third largest city in Kansas is also known for its fast internet speeds, says Ookla. It’s no surprise—not only does Kansas City have Google Fiber, it also has Comcast and Time Warner, which are providing free speed boosts to keep up with the growing competition. The city was also named number 10 on Travel and Leisure’s list of the best cities for hipsters, citing the city’s locally grown foods and a coffeehouse so strict, you cannot ask for sweeteners or sugar. We assume there is some connection between the hipster community in Kansas City and its fast internet (“I had Google Fiber before it became famous”). Mountt Kisko NY has the fourth fastest internet in the us

4. Mount Kisco, New York

  • Internet Download Speed: 99.56 Mbps
  • Average Home Listing Price: $752,270
With only 10,877 residents (2010 census), Mount Kisco is so small that it is considered both a town and a village. Maybe that’s why Mount Kisco has such fast internet—not many people are using it, freeing up the bandwidth for incredible speed. On top of the fast internet speeds, residents also enjoy a low unemployment rate, a low tax rate, and a student-to-teacher ratio of 13 to one. The city is also only one hour away from the big apple (by train, and, theoretically, by car). It is the perfect commuter town: quiet and not far from work.

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Pendleton OR has the fifth fastest internet in the us

5. Pendleton, Oregon

  • Internet Download Speed: 73.19 Mbps
  • Average Home Listing Price: $218,255
Named the Top True Western Town of 2011 by True West Magazine, Pendleton Oregon also makes our top five. It shouldn’t come as a surprise—fiber internet is available in this area, which boosts internet speeds dramatically. Because fiber internet is so fast, it drives competition for less fast companies to boost their speeds and charge a lower price. While the town isn’t really near any big cities (it’s three hours to Portland), the city has a rich historical background and a reasonable home price. If you can find work in that area of Oregon, it might be worth the move. While many other factors should influence where you move, it is important to keep internet speeds in mind. If you live in an area with slow internet speeds, it could not only affect your entertainment, but also impact your child’s ability to complete homework, your ability to complete work in a timely basis and much more. Before packing up the entire family, check into the services available in your new area. What you didn’t know might surprise you.
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